Why Would You Care What I Write?

If you’re curious about the goal of this site, check out this article.

Why would you care what I write? For the same reasons you would care what anyone writes: you find the topic interesting, or the opinions resonate or dissonate with you. My purpose with this site is not to build some gigantic audience that I can “monetize”. My goal is to have a place where I can keep a journal of things that are interesting to me and thoughts that come to me along the way. Perhaps some of those thoughts will be interesting to others and we’ll get some discussion going… but given my real goal for this site, I’m basically guaranteed to succeed.

Some articles that show up here (the Features) are going to go through drafts and be refined, much like the articles of a “real journalist.” Much of what you read here, however, will lack polish because they are just thoughts quickly pushed online. Feel free to complain about my grammar or spelling, but you shouldn’t generally expect this site to read like the NY Times.

You may have noticed that I haven’t written about my “qualifications”. A writer’s qualifications are secondary to whether you believe the argument being made. Granted, someone with first hand experience in an area can speak more easily about a subject and their word will often be accepted even without independent evidence. But, if the evidence provided isn’t convincing to you, it shouldn’t make much difference if the author is an “expert”. Always remember that humans are fallible. Experts are human, as are the people who elevated those people to the status of “expert”.
I have first hand experience in a few different areas that I’m likely to write about. But, feel free to question me about anything. (Likewise, I’ll feel free to respond or not as I see fit.)

Whatever brought you here, thanks for coming!

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