Marketingspeak Avoidance

Brent Ashley talks about revising his website to more accurately portray what he does. Something I wonder: Does marketingspeak work on anyone? If not, why do people still do it? I have a real respect for salespeople and their relationship building skills (at least those of successful, professional salespeople). I’m just not sure how marketing fluff fits in.

Do Writers Believe In Shorter Copyright Terms?

I’ve seen quite a bit of discussion about how copyright terms are just too long. The original copyright term length was 14 years. Currently, the term length is up to the author’s life plus 90 years! Change begins with the actions of a few, and writers are possibly in the best position to do something about it.

The idea with the original copyright law is that creators of intellectual works should be given exclusive rights “for a limited time” so that they can earn some money on their creations. This is a very logical, and noble goal. But, the “limited time” part of the Constitution was left up to Congress. Technically, the current term length of life+90 is a limited time. But, there’s really no reason to believe that it won’t be extended again in another 10 years.
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