MVC web frameworks that don’t hurt?

I just came across this slightly older writing from Patrick about the pain of ActionForms in Struts. I, personally, have not written Struts code. In my last job, I managed some people who were writing Struts code, though. I’m aware of the benefits of MVC, but it really did seem like there was a whole lot of programmer overhead in writing Struts apps. xDoclet seems like one possible solution, but it really makes you wonder if the framework can or should be doing more. WebWork2 sounds promising, and we’re planning to try out both Struts and WW2 for an app we’re just starting.

3 thoughts on “MVC web frameworks that don’t hurt?”

  1. Mike – That’s good to hear. We had been using Struts 1.0 (1.1 has still not been officially released…) For our new project, we’ll definitely be starting with 1.1 when we try it out.

    Mark – I’ve looked at Maverick before. I do like the “let’s do one thing well” approach, but I thought the Maverick docs were so sparse as to not even give me a good idea of what it does for me! The amount of time required to get a feel for a framework is such that I need to have an idea of what the benefits are… particularly when there’s a framework like Struts that has a lot of mindshare. The WebWork2 docs give me a solid enough basis for saying “we should take a look at this”.

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