So that’s where Doug FM came from!

A couple weeks ago, one of the Detroit pop stations mysteriously switched formats and started calling itself “Doug FM”. They described their new format, if I recall correctly, as being like you “dropped your iPod in a can of paint”. What it boils down to is that they don’t have a 25 song playlist of current music in some format. They play a variety of things from the 70s, 80s and early 90s (I haven’t heard more recent than that on there).

It turns out that Doug is part of a new breed that also includes Bob, Jack, Dave and other radio stations.

5 thoughts on “So that’s where Doug FM came from!”

  1. I remember when 93.1 DRQ was the “it” station. Everyone seems to listen to them! Then, Channel 955 took over the top-40 scene and everyone was in a tug-o-war state between the two. Personally, I thought DRQ had better radio personalities and played a better variety of music than Channel 955 (which was almost strictly a “rap crap” station) I feel terrible for the DRQ staff being fired without warning, and “DOUG FM” is nothing special! We have MAGIC 103.5, CARS 108, and WNIC 100.3 for the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today music! What ABC/Disney did was make a careless and unfortunate desicion based on money. But, then again, isn’t that what ALL of corporate amercia focuses on these days? SCREW THE PEOPLE! WE JUST WANT OUR MONEY!… Yea, REAL professional guys…

  2. I for one and extremely happy with the new format. My taste is music goes from one extreme to another and I get bored so easily with what one station will play so I pretty much only listen to CDs now. DOUG FM has me listening to radio again. I have been hearing songs that I havent heard in years.
    I do feel bad for those who were fired without warning but that is the way the radio biz is. All who choose a career in that field are well aware of the nature of the beast.

  3. I think you’re right, Deborah. Radio stations that are having trouble competing often change formats, and that usually involves a complete change in staff as well.

    It sounds to me like DRQ had been struggling to compete. It is a shame that 95.5 is the only pop in Detroit now, but if there’s enough demand some other station may switch back to pop. One never knows.

  4. Want to help me fall in love with your new format? Become more loveable!!! I need an “after the fact” play-list! I constantly hear songs that not only have I forgotten existed, but I can no longer remember the artists or song names. If Doug-FM chooses not to interrupt their new format with mundane song names I wish they had a daily, viewable list I could refer to.
    This not only would help me (and many others) to better collect long forgotten tunes in our self recording era, but also, I’m sure, WDRQ could find a creative way to cash in on it….

  5. I was wondering if DOUG-FM sells, tshirts,bupper stickers,stick on
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