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If you do work that requires a lot of sitting, you don’t want to skimp on your chair. The cost of a good chair is small compared to the cost that bad ergonomics can extract from your body.

Of course, not everyone will agree on what the perfect chair is. I’ve spent about 3 years working at companies where my chair was an Aeron. It’s a shame that the Aeron was one of the symbols of dot com excess. The fact of the matter is that it’s a darn good chair. I’ve been using computers for a long time and the Aeron is the most comfortable chair that I’ve sat on. Though it’s always good to take frequent breaks and move around, the Aeron always felt great to sit in, even for long stretches.

Given that I’m still in the startup phase of my business, buying an Aeron seems extravagant. But, my current chair is old and makes my rear end hurt. So, I bought an Aeron, but I did shop around.

I took a chance and purchased from Luxury They sell new condition, open-box chairs. At the time I ordered, their website was fairly sparse. The page described the “highly adjustable” model of Aeron, with the leather arm upgrade, for $599. That may sound like a lot, but when you shop around, that’s a good deal! Sit4Less charges $968 for the same thing! (Note: Luxury Chair charges $75 for shipping, sit4less offers free shipping. Even accounting for the shipping difference, Luxury Chair is still much cheaper.)

When the chair arrived, it was indeed in excellent condition. However, the chair I received was an Aeron basic, not the highly adjustable model. That would not have been a good deal. Sit4Less charges just $649 for the Aeron basic with free shipping.

Mistakes happen and the important thing is what is done to take care of the mistakes. Without fuss, Luxury Chair paid the return shipping (thankfully including pickup, so I didn’t have to haul this 55 pound chair to UPS) and then sent me the correct chair which arrived today. This second chair is the correct model and is also in excellent condition. My only complaint would be that it took two weeks between the time they received my returned chair and I received the new one. Otherwise, though, Luxury Chair took good care to ensure that I was happy with the product. I should also note that they’ve improved their website to highlight that they have both basic and highly adjustable models of Aerons, so this type of mistake is not as likely in the future.

One thing to be aware of is that Luxury Chair is not an authorized Herman Miller dealer. This means that the 12 year warranty is provided by Luxury Chair, not Herman Miller. (The tag on the bottom of the chair that reflects the chair’s date of birth has been removed.) I haven’t noticed troubles with the Aerons I’ve used, so I was perfectly comfortable with this arrangement.

All in all, Luxury Chair came through with the product as advertised at a price that was significantly less than anyone else, including other open box deals that I saw. If you’re considering an Aeron, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Luxury Chair.

Update (5/8/2007): This post has been a magnet for comments about The comments are almost universally negative. The original title was “A Good Deal”, but I’ve changed it to “Use Caution”. They worked out fine for me, but apparently they haven’t for others. YMMV.

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  1. I purchased a Contessa chair by Teknion on February 27, 2006 that was supposed to take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver. It’s April 24th and I still don’t have my order. After trying to contact the company several times they finally told me there’s a part delay at Teknion and that my chair should ship April 17. As I mentioned before it’s April 24th and the company hasn’t bothered to update me on anything. I asked for a discount for all the trouble, they came back with a pitiful $30. I accepted, but they have yet to credit my account. They’ve also not responded to three emails I’ve sent them since April 10 asking for updates. All in all, I’m beginning to beleive this is a scam website. I would caution anyone considering working with them. So far, I’m out $725.


  2. Ouch! That’s a bummer! I can tell you that my chair was not vaporware, as I’m sitting on it right now. Perhaps times have changed.


  4. Do not buy from this store – it is a scam. They pass really old used chairs as new ones. The chair I bought was really old and had this cleaning chemical smell – I had to return it.

  5. I bought several times from Luxurychair and always received the chairs in perfect condition, although they were shipped late but with the price that I paid for them I dont mind waiting the extra week for the delivery. I wonder if the people bashing Luxurychair are the dealers which sell thier chairs for $300.00 more them Luxurychair.

  6. Of course, we also don’t know if you’re just someone from This being the relatively anonymous net, one really has no idea who’s on the other end.

    All I know for certain is what I originally posted here about the chair that I received from them (and it’s still working great for me).

  7. tazzzzz, to use your own words,

    “Of course, we also don’t know if you’re just’s -> competition

    You people rant and rave about, yet they’ve made good or tried there hardest to do the best by each and every one of you. All in all i would consider luxurychair a company with solid business ethic, simply trying to grow there business.

    In regards to that guy’s statement about a “bait and switch”, offering an equal or greater product to the Aeron due to its long back order time is called comprimise and good customer service, not a scam. They could easily make you wait the 3 weeks for delivery without saying much more then the item is on back order and you have to wait. Doesnt that make sense? …

    *sighs* …

    And yes, I ordered an Aeron from luxurychair 6 months ago to match my second Aeron. I ended up swaping my order for an available in stock item (The Link Plus) and i ended selling my other Aeron to a friend and purchasing a second Link.

    Guess what? … I got a better deal, and a better chair!.

    If any one is trying to rip off anyone, its Herman Miller!

  8. Based on my experience. Don’t buy from!!! Placed an order for the chairs 2 months ago. Got a DHL tracking from them a month later but never work. Then called a few times and the guy just kept saying the chairs would be shipped out in a few days. Ok! Fine! So I cancelled the order 10 days ago and asked for a refund. Guess what! No refund so far. Ended up have to call the bank to dispute the whole thing! What a hassle!

  9. Well, I purchased a chair in July. The chair was horrible, it was missing the headrest, and the chair stunk! Called up Luxury Chair about a thousand times got Sara on the phone & that twit lies & lies! Then she avoids phone calls when you call her. Had a friend call right after acting like he wanted a sale guess who gets on the phone? You guessed it Sara! Did some investigation found out not only are the chairs fake, they are made right in the warehouse by some bootleggers! Why do you think they are soooo cheap? They are not real, just almost good replicas. They are not Herman Miller dealers, they probably never even spoke to anyone at Herman Miller, all of it are lies! Don’t deal with these people! All they want to do is dupe you and then provide disgusting customer service skills. I’m so tired of the duck & dodge mumbo jumbo. Hope this helps

  10. Ive been looking for an Aeron chair for a while and came across My first thought was “why are they so much cheaper than everyone else, including people selling USED chairs on ebay?”

    The answer is simple, they are selling used chairs, listing them as new.

    Their address is a mailbox drop-off in Brooklyn, that is a big tip-off as to who you are dealing with.

    They list their address as NY,NY but it is actually Brooklyn – when they lie to you about their addres, its a really good sign they are going to be dishonest about everything else.

    Do a google search and you’ll find that these guys are scammers. Im just glad I found out before I gave them any money.

  11. Hi everyone,

    I had the same experience as Mike did when trying to purchase a chair through Luxury Chair in New York.

    Horrible customer Service!
    Horrible Attitude & Excuzes!
    Never returned calls back as promised!
    Made their problems my problems!
    Lied to me all along!

    They told me my order would arrive by a given date and a month later we still did not receive the chair. I contacted Luxury and spoke to both Randy and Levy and all they gave me were excuzes, and kept stringing me along for a long time promesing they had already mailed the chair. Three given delivery dates and no chair. So, I took it further and call the head of DHL and spoke to them as to the make believe shipping # to confirm. They researched and found that Luxury had not even called them to pick up the item yet and that they only had generated a way bill on their website to make it look like the chair was on its way.

    I then contacted the Business Bureau of N.Y. to find out what Luxury’s chair record was and they warned me about them. They have a lot of complaints and they advised me not to do business with them.

    SO….PLEASE DO NOT USE LUXURY CHAIR. THEY LIE, MAKE A LIVING OF MAKING YOUR LIFE MISERABLE. What a way to do business-what ever hpapen to professionalism and ethics.

  12. So glad to find these tips. I called luxurychair today—-Jenny is so friendly, but had to put me on hold for every question, including
    1) Why does web site show $425 for Humanscale Freedom Chair, but when it’s in my cart it’s 465?
    2) Are soft casters available? Suddenly they did have some–hard to beleive since other sites had to order from manufacturer. Then, an email confirmation showed these as carpet casters—which are standard equipment and not what I ordered.

    I got a bad feeling talking to these people—-and these comments confirm it. Just goes to show—-if it don’t seem right, it ain’t!

  13. Online buying can be daunting, but the deal at sounded too good to be true. After using them I have to say that they live up to their advertising.

    I used to order the Presidential Link chair. After two weeks I decided it didn’t quite fit me. I’m 6’4″, 240 lbs. I called customer service and spoke to Levi. After suggesting the Herman Miller Mirra Chair, he faxed me a packing slip and had my Link chair picked up at no additional cost. Within a week I got my new chair in perfect condition. I was so happy with the chair that I had my boss order two chairs from today for himself.

    I would never recommend this company unless I was so happy with their products and services. I will definitely buy my future chairs from them. If anyone has doubts about ordering online I recommend calling them after looking at the pictures online. There staff in knowledgeable and will recommend chairs that fit you and not their bottom line. They could have suggested a more expensive chair; instead, they suggested a delivered the right fitting chair.

  14. I ordered a chair from Luxury chair and they charged my credit card immediately (not a common practice by most legitimate businesses) and proceeded to lie about the delivery, claiming it was shipped, giving me a ficticious DHL tracking number and basically trying to expend the “30 day money back guarantee”. You see, the 30 days starts on the day you “purchase” the product. Most reputable dealers will only bill you when they ship the merchandise. Luxury chair bills you upon order. When and if the correct chair arrives (after the 30 days from order), according to their questionable ‘guarantee’ if you are not satisfied you can return it but they will charge you shipping both ways, credit card fees, and whatever else they can make up. I spoke to Levi Cohen personally. After several days of his repeated lies, I cancelled my order and disputed the charge with my credit card. Now, out of nowhere they have commissioned a collection agency to harrass me. For what? I have nothing of theirs.

    I urge all who have had a bad experience with Luxury chair to file complaints with:

    New York State Consumer Protection Board 1-800- 697-1220

    Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, office of the Attorney General 1-800-788-9898

    New York City Dept. of Consumer Affairs 212-487-4444

    Better Business Bureau of New York 716-881-5222

    By the way, according to the BBB Luxury Chairs has an unsatisfactory record.

    If Luxury Chair is such an honest business and everyone who has posted a complaint is simply competition trying to tarnish their reputation, then Luxury Chair has nothing to worry about. It really does not matter what anyone thinks about it, it only matters what people do about it. Take action and fight for your rights. Let the truth be heard.





  16. is very horrible. They tried to bait and switch on me, and they gave me fake DHL numbers, everything they say here istrue. I also spoke to Levi and he gave me tons of lies, saying they were going to credit me but no credit at the end. I cancelled the order after reading this site because 3 month later, no chair, and They have been making interest on my money. Don’t try to save a few bux here, it will end up costing a lot more.


    Case Name: Steelcase Inc. and L. Cohen/

    Case Nov: 1:06 CV 0470

    Judge: Gordon J. Quist Presiding

    Date 1st Filed: 7-06-2006
    Date Closed: 10/5/2006

    See case to varify they are a total scam and will pay the price!

    Source to find the closed Case:

    Pacer: 1800-539-4722
    Grand Rapids Federal Court: 616-456-2381

  18. I believe is just a scam & fraud. My order was made about 45 days ago, and still nothing. The ‘manager’ has refused to return 6 phone calls. Just lies from the people who answer the phone. I believe every positive comment in this blog is simply part of their fraud. My next action will be to bounce the credit card charge with my bank. Then I will file complaints as suggested above. I wish like heck I had searched for comments before wasting my time and money on these pieces of human crap.

  19. This company is a definite fraud. I ordered a Herman Miller chair. They bait & switched me by sending a poor attempt at producing a HM substitute. No markings or logo on the chair. This turned out to be a Viper chair which tel sel for about half of the HM Aeron. Called and spoke to Andrew and he indicated that some of the warehouse crew must have made a mistake and they could refund the difference, pick up that chair & credit my CC, or pick up the chair and ship out the correct one. They immediately had DHL pick up the wrong chair but after a few days and no HM. I called back & spoke to Sara. She said the HMs were back ordered and it would be shipped within the next 1-2 weeks. 3 weeks later still no chair so I checked with a customer service person at Herman Miller. As soon as I mentioned Luxury Chair he said “OH Boy!!” Turns out Luxury Chair is not even a HM dealer and can not even get HM chairs unless they are buying used ones and rebuilding them. He indicated they had a law suit against them.

    Called Lux Chair to cancel order and lady indicated that they must receive a cancelation notice & request for a refund in writing/Email. Pointed out that I thought they were a fraud and she said their web site clearly states they are not a HM authorized dearer. If you dig deep into the Guarantee tab at the bottom of the page it so indicates. So why are they advertising HM chairs including a too-good-to-be-true Presidents Day sale price of $549 on a loaded chair.

    This is a fraudulent company and if the State of NY does not shut them down they are an accessory to the fraud. Tried the phone nos. listed above and most do not connect and others they are any thing but BBB and consumer affairs offices.

    Any positive comments re: this company listed above are a part of the fraud. DO NOT BUY FROM LUXURY CHAIR.


    Dear all, thank you so much for compiling this information for us. I am DEFINITELY in favor of any legal action you decide to take against the company, though I cannot contribute financially. I am going to file a complaint with the FTC right away.

    Here’s my story:

    Before ordering my Aeron chair, I called the people at Sitforless because they have a policy of matching prices to make sure you’ll buy from them. The person I spoke to said that sitforless will NOT match’s prices because everyone knows they sell USED AND REFURBISHED CHAIRS.
    I then called to get their side of the story (I probably would not have bought an Aeron for more than $600– I simply can’t afford). They pretended to be outraged, insisted that they only sell NEW, TRUE Aeron chairs and also told me that they were planning to sue siftforless for slander and libel. Reassured, I ordered my Aeron from

    I ordered my Aeron chair ($599 plus $75 shipping) on December 15, 2006.
    They said they were out of stock because of the holiday, the chair would arrive in 3-4 weeks.
    Finally, DHL attempts delivery on FEBRUARY 9, 2007, obviously much later than promised (1 month, 3 weeks and 1day– and then delivery wasn’t made by DHL until FEB 23RD!!!!
    Even if we (generously) consider that delivery issues were out of’s control or that delays might be expected because of the holiday rush, it turns out that the chair they sent was NOT an Aeron chair at all, NOT the chair I had paid a total of $674 for, but rather a VIPER, which is advertised on their website for $399 plus FREE shipping. I thought something was funny about the chair I received, but didn’t realize that I had been completely scammed (I guess they hoped I would never notice the difference between the Aeron I ordered and the piece of garbage they sent?) UNTIL a friend who has a real Aeron sent pictures of hers– mine was completely different and absolutely shoddy. My friend also pointed out that Aeron chairs come with serial numbers on the bottom of the seat (mine had none) and are always accompanied by actual pamphlets with guarantee information (I was only sent a xeroxed copy of instructions for adjusting the chair, I guess that was a red flag). (and Levi Cohen’s) incompetency and dishonesty do not end there. I called their offices outraged as soon as I discovered that I had been hoodwinked, yesterday, March 5, 2007. (For the sake of full disclosure, my apartment is tiny: I had to get rid of a couch so that my new chair would fit, so I left it sitting in the box from the time it was delivered, Feb 23, and this past weekend, March 1, 2007.)

    I live in Manhattan;’s headquarters are located in Brooklyn, about a 15 minute taxi ride from my house. Since Andrew, the customer service rep I spoke with, said I would have to repackage the chair, contact DHL (also amazingly incompetent) and wait for them to pick up the chair, then wait an unspecified amount of time for the correct chair to be delivered, I offered to get in a cab with the chair and deliver it to them on the spot. Andrew said he was not authorized to do that; I asked to speak to the Manager, Levi.

    Levi was almost too smooth and said that the wrong chair had been sent to me by mistake (Andrew would not even acknowledge that I had been sent the wrong chair, but apparently Levi pulled up the record to see what I had been sent). He offered to swap chairs via DHL but said that he could not accept chair without box. I went down to boiler room, got box, called back. Levi said that, since I had had so much trouble getting the chair delieved in the first place, that he would sent courier to get chair the next day, today March 6, 2006, between 11 am and 2 pm. He would then send new chair via DHL. Levi was supposed to call to confirm couriers. He did not. I called Andrew back after an hour, asked for Levi, was told he was on the phone. Andrew said he would speak to Levi and call back. Of course, he never did, but I assumed that the arrangements for courier pick-up had been made, as promised.

    I took morning/early afternoon off of work to wait for couriers: I should have guessed they wouldn’t come. At 2:00 I called, spoke with Andrew, who said Levi was unavailable, and promised that couriers had indeed been called, and that it was their (courier company’s) fault that they had not shown up. I asked for courier company’s phone and called to coordinate with them myself (I already missed almost full day of work: this chair was going to be picked up no matter what)– surprise, courier company said they had NOT received any contact from about a pick up. I arranged pick up myself, reboxed chair: the couriers have just left my apartment.

    While I was waiting for the couriers, I decided to look online to see if anyone else had such an excruciating, horrendous experience with this company. I first found links to discounts on Aerons at they are now selling the same chair at $549!!! So, I called Andrew back immediately, said I should be given this price (currently still advertised on their website) considering all the trouble they had put me through. He said he was not authorized to give me this price; I said I would just cancel my order, cancel the credit card charge, and reorder at lower price– and he retorted that I would be put at bottom of waiting list, I would have to wait another month for chair to be delivered, and I would still have to pay for shipping (even though it would be easy enough for me to go to Brooklyn and get the chair back to my house in a cab, would cost me maximum 30$.)

    Levi is supposed to call me back this afternoon to discuss price (you can bet I’ll be waiting by the phone, kidding) but I think the wise thing to do would be to throw in the towel, curse for wasting so so so much of my time, and order from sitforless. After all, even if I do ever get this “real” Aeron chair, it would no doubt be used or refurbished or somehow defected.


    MORAL OF THE STORY: STAY FAR, FAR AWAY from, intrepid internet chair buyers.
    They WILL send you the wrong chair on purpose and pretend it is an accident; they WILL give you a hard time about refunds/echanges, just read through all the stories.
    Even if they send the correct chair, you should know that the quality will be sub-par– I attach pictures of the Viper chair armrest (see the messy glue construction? see how shoddy/terribly made?) so that people can see for themselves the appalling, hideous, almost laughable quality of products that sells. I also attach a pic of the “kit” they send for assembling the chair: looks like it was made for a children’s toy– these screws will last for about 3 months, I would guess.

    That’s all for now.

  21. Ok…I have joined the ranks of the angry customers of Luxury Chair Co. They have now had my money for 6 weeks and I still have no chair and I was told that the money had already been placed back on my AmEx card. I ended up having to dispute the charge with my credit card. The told me it would take 2 weeks to get the chair and after 4 weeks I cancelled the order because they told me it would take another 2 weeks.
    Do not do business with this company. They are crooks!

  22. A terrible, terrible company, undoubtedly the worst I have ever dealt with. They are lying, cheating and possibly even criminal scoundrels of the highest degree – stay away, no matter how good a deal you think you are getting.

    My own saga began when I ordered an Aeron chair from in October 05. It arrived in an unmarked and very battered box with no paperwork at all. First of all, I didn’t realize I was buying a second-hand chair – this was not made clear to me during the sale. When I did find the fine print, it said that they sold chairs that had been returned but that they were in mint condition. Mine was not. One thing I noticed early on was that I had trouble rolling it – when I checked the wheels, I found a large amount of hair wrapped around them. That does not happen by itself – it takes extensive prior use. The bottom of the chair also scraped on the carpet protector on which it sat and the locking mechanisim for the seat would fail with a loud cracking noise at random intervals, tilting me back a few degrees each time without warning. Unfortunately for me, I went abroad for a month the day after the chair was delivered so I didn’t discover these problems until after their so-called 30 day money-back guarantee had expired, a fact that the fine folks at LuxuryChair repeatedly pointed out to me, and not without a certain degree of smugness.

    To cut a long story short, I spent the first 10 months of 2006 endlessly calling and emailing LuxuryChair to try to resolve the problems with my chair. First off, I just wanted them to complete my order – I ordered and paid for the Posture Fit lumbar support for an extra $75, but it wasn’t included with my chair. I rang many, many times about this, and each time I was told it was being shipped the next day, or in a few days time. Funny how this line wears thin after you’ve heard it a dozen times over a period of several months, and what a remarkable coincidence that it was always about to ship just when I rang! Blatant lying seems to be the order of the day with this lot, but eventually it turned up. Then when I noticed that the locking mechanism failed randomly, I tried to get my money back. It was like pulling teeth. Shame on you Sara – a so-called customer service rep indeed – and Levi Cohen, the manager, for acting so reprehensibly.

    In the end, I spent $100 to get the chair boxed properly for shipping back to the east coast, and they had the gall to charge me $75 for the shipping as well – this for a heavily-used second-hand chair that was defective from day one. Finally, after yet more calls and emails, I got my return, so I was down about
    $175 and who-knows-what for all the time I wasted dealing with them. What a nightmare.

    In short, if you’re still reading and you’re thinking of buying from these people (although I doubt you are any more), please don’t! They may have a flashy site, they may have unbelievably cheap prices but don’t be fooled. You will rue the day you ever came across Find an authorized reseller of Hermann Miller chairs, spend a bit extra and rest easy at night in the knowledge that you haven’t done anything to support this company.

  23. Extremely disreputable business practices, poor customer service, poor quality product. I made the mistake of purchasing from will not make the same mistake again in the future.

    No logical explanation as to why there is no serial number on the Leap chair I ordered, why they are no longer selling SteelCase LeapChairs on their website currently, why the chair looks different than those sold through authorized dealers. Leo Cohen returned my call because the customer service rep was unable to answer any of my questions. He called under the alias Paul Sanchez (718-439-0918), was extremely rude, belligerent, and unprofessional. When I originally placed my order via phone, they claimed to be authorized dealers- check the manufacturers’ websites- LuxuryChair is not listed.

  24. The most unprofessional company I have dealt with. We ordered a chair back in February and the ETA was 4-6 weeks. The charged our credit card before the order was even shipped. They eventually shipped out the wrong chair and refused to ship the correct product, because they probably had shipped it out for a different order.

    I called Andrew to discuss the problem and his comments were “you can cancel the order if you like” instead of apologizing for a mistake that was made and reassuring me the customer that it would be taken care of in a timely manner.

    I would never recommend this company to anyone………

    They may have low prices, but the quality of service is horrible.

  25. I unfortunately found this site too late and am now in a position to add my own issues to this saga. I ordered (2) Aeron chairs mid April but was not informed until after I submitted the order that they did not have them in stock. I then called ‘customer service’ only to be rudely told that there was going to be a 3-4 week wait. I then asked the woman if my card would be charged before the merchandise was shipped and was told that they don’t do that. Well they did… less than 5 days later. After waiting 5 weeks, I called them back to be rudely told that it would be another 7-10 days and “did I get the email about the free upgrade option to a Steelcase chair” for my troubles. I informed her I had not, but it didn’t matter since it was not the chair I ordered.

    15 days passed and nothing so I called again to be told it would still be another 7-10 days. Upon my last call at the beginning of July I was told they only had size-A chairs in stock and that they didn’t know when my chairs would be available. They put on a good facade of concern this time and put me on hold. Once back on the phone I was told that their shipping manager was shipping my chairs today (they magically found some when I got upset?). At this point I felt I was smack in the middle of a scam and felt I was in for a surprise. I received the tracking numbers the following day and received one of the two chairs today only to find that they sent the “basic” model instead of the “loaded” model I had ordered – surprise!

    I talked to Andrew at and was told that they don’t even stock the “basic” model and he didn’t know how this could happen. After reading the above complaints from others I think it’s obvious how this happened. I was informed to take pictures of the chairs once I received the second chair (tomorrow) and that they would take care of it. I don’t have any trust left in me with this company to follow through. It looks like a return and a charge-back with our credit card company is in order…

    All in all – put some credence to what is written and stay away from – I’m sorry I didn’t.

  26. Dear All,

    I was contacted from the beginning of 2006 and they proposed me to sell our chairs through their website. At that time it had been looked as a good opportunity for some collection. The end of the story? They sent me an order, accepting a payment within 30 days from invoice date and…. no payment at all! Ok, I’m not speaking about an huge amount, but you know we are always speaking about unpaied invoices.

    No way to collaborate with them as supplier too!

  27. Buy vaseline if you order from Luxury Chair. You’ll need it. They sent us a defective chair. Claimed it left their shop in “perfect condition”. It arrived broken (not from shipping). They have refused to make it good and sent the broken chair back to us claiming we packed it improperly and that is why it was broken. The price was too good to be true. Should have known better. Lesson learned.

  28. I am the same boat as many of the above comments. And I’m curious about the comment from Mr. Cohen…do you really think we would trust a new website after we have already paid you tons of money for nothing in return?

  29. I purchased an Aeron chair from on 4/30/07 for $764. I was told it would be sent to me in 8 weeks. I still haven’t received anything and its August 24, 2007. I contacted their customer support for a refund. Was told to email them with the information. I did all of that and have not heard anything. I contacted them and their site now says they are no longer taking orders. I reviewed the BBB report above and called the other numbers available, they put me on hold.

    What a pice of shit operation, I don’t know if I will ever receive my $764. Would like to know if anyone here is in a similar position and would like to take legal action against them?

  30. I ordered the chair in June and have waiting. Each call pointed forward a couple of weeks. Two weeks ago they told me to wait until August 24th for the new delivery date. Now, they have removed the phone numbers from the website. When I called the old number I just got recordings. Looks like I have been scammed too.

  31. don’t order from topseating Top Seating, luxury chair just changed its name, same people same fraudsters.

  32. i ordered from
    got what i ordered and am very happy.
    i would be suprised if its the same ppl as the other site

  33. Sarah co-owner of placed my order and processed my credit card for $630 on 07/27/07, said that it would be shipping out the first week of August, and it did not arrive until 09/10/07. A FULL MONTH LATER…this is with several phone calls and e-mails to their customer service department, I received a Herman Miller Aeron chair with mesh fabric on the seat and the backing that was replaced with a scratchy material that resembles the real thing AND a chunk of the foam that support the front part of the seat is missing!

    I’ve used Aeron chairs for the last 5 years at work so I know for a fact that if you take a tissue to wipe the mesh, it does not catch and tear leaving remains on the fabric. I’m demanding a full refund and have asked for them to provide a paid return label and pick-up. My experience with has been full of deception (although one customer service rep actually told me that the delay was due to the chairs being oversold which probably has some truth to it), they have unethical business practices and they should be boycotted and shut down.

    One last thing, I was told by a rep back when the company was called Luxury Chair that these are refurbished chairs so do not get the impression that you are receiving a brand spankin’ new chair.

  34. We too got scammed by this company! This is a company that should not be allowed to continue to defraud the public! I would be willing to join any other customer who would like to bring legal action against this company. I will pursue any and all leads that will bring these crooks to justice, they deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Anybody have any other sites that we can publish these comments too? I want to bury these guys in a bad wave of publicity.

  35. I am ready to bring legal action as well! We ordered two chairs back in May 2007 and not only have we never received our order but the last time I heard from this company was an email the beginning of June saying the chairs would be delivered in 7-10 business days. Now I am getting no response to emails and when I call it just rings! Something MUST be done!

  36. My story seems to have a familiar refrain. It started in June 07. By late July I was getting antsy and started phoning and emailing. In August I still didn’t have my Aeron chair, so I cancelled and they tried to bait and switch me to something else. That’s when I started freaking out on everyone within earshot…their customer service, my card issuer, the Better Business Bureau, etc. I’m just glad I never actually took delivery on something–wasting time and money shipping it back. When I saw the site was down, I thought, “cool..maybe filing a BBB complaint had some effect.” I hadn’t found this site with its links to the BBB report yet. In hindsight, it’s apparent this has been going on for a long time and the BBB was already pressuring Cohen way before I came along. I did however complain to Google and got bumped from using Adwords–which is where I found them. I should have figured they’d just morph into some other DBA. Pricks!!! Anyway, all things considered, I think I got off lucky!

  37. One of the things that bothered me first about was that they didn’t have secure website purchases. When I didn’t see https with 128-encryp., I emailed them about it and their customer service assured me their site WAS secure. I knew this was nonsense so I ordered on the phone instead…but this was really my first mistake. If I had listened to my spider-sense, I wouldn’t have called them and could have saved myself the saga. The point of all this is that has the same bullshit website with non-secure transactions. If you put your CC info in those little input fields, you might have bigger problems than just Levi Cohen! Caveat Extempore!

  38. I am another of the many who were scammed by Luxury Chair. The sales staff initially used the “bait and switch” tactic and, after three shipments and subsequents returns, I am out $698.

    Several people have indicated taking legal action against them — has anyone initiated such proceedings?

  39. LUXURYCHAIR.COM is now a Levi Cohen company

    Levi personally sold me the chair. lying to me that it was new.

    i too was screwed by them

    my was Used, after 8 months of usage the wheel broke off ( no wheel now), and the armrest lost its grip and is flailing around.

    if there is a LAW SUIT , PLEASE let me know.

  40. Well thanks for the info. I rather get the chair from craigslist or ebay even they are used chair but they are real chair and real people to deal.

  41. For Christmas 2006 we gave our college-aged daughter a homemade “certificate” for an Aeron chair since she was sitting so much working on projects for her master’s degree classes. After the holidays, my husband and I “shopped” online for the best deal, and unfortunately, we also came across We ordered the chair and paid for it with our American Express credit card, and had the chair shipped directly to her apartment which is about 45 minutes from us.

    As luck would have it, our daughter needed help putting the chair together, so my husband and I drove over one weekend to help her. The box was in her garage, so hubby went out to put it together while she and I chatted. After he had it all put together, he brought it into the apartment, and I (having an Aeron at work and at home) immediately realized it was NOT an Aeron chair at all. So, I asked him where the paperwork was on the chair. Of course, there was no paperwork. So, I went to the garage to look at the box, and of course, it was not an Aeron box, but just some beat-up looking plain box. We had obviously been shipped a chair which was NOT an Aeron and which was used to boot.

    After many weeks of attempting to contact this company, and getting one lie after another, no return calls, nasty people, put on hold forever, etc. etc. etc., my husband FINALLY disputed the charge with American Express. We had returned the chair (as I recall, at their expense, fortunately), so ended up not losing any money on the deal. But, disputing the charge really got their attention. The owner (I don’t recall his name), called my husband and had a screaming tirade.

    The bottom line is, if you purchase with a credit card and there is a problem, DISPUTE THE CHARGE WITH THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY — especially for any fraudulent purchases such as this. It worked for us.

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