TurboGears going like gangbusters

After the slashdotting, Ian Landsman wondered what the extended effect of the slashdotting would be. Certainly, after serving more than 13,000 views of the screencast on Monday, things have tapered off. The 20 Minute Wiki is still getting 1,000 views a day! (That’s 80GB per day, for those watching their waistline bandwidth usage). I haven’t had a chance to do a total tally, but I’m guessing that the screencast is up to 25,000 views.

The main TurboGears discussion Google Group has added about 100 people since Monday, crossing 350 earlier today. The announcements list crossed 100 today. Mailing list traffic is increasing, and people are coming up with some cool stuff. Interesting things are taking shape for 0.9!

Thanks to all of the people putting their energy into TurboGears!

3 thoughts on “TurboGears going like gangbusters”

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  2. I know I’ve sent a lot of people onto the pages, and asked
    them to watch the tutorial. Sad to say it didn’t work, as most of them
    don’t know python and really just say:

    ‘Seems like something else to learn and get used to’

    So maybe for every 10 that tries to advocate another 3 will like it
    and advocate another 5 at least.

    Or maybe slashdot is that big to pull in that many new non-advocated users.

  3. Word of mouth is ultimately very important, but Slashdot really is quite huge for spreading the word about something quickly. In one day, the video was viewed twice as many times as it had been the previous 3 weeks.

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