TurboGears bringing new people to Python

I don’t have any statistics to share on this, but something that has just occurred to me is that there have been several instances over the past couple of weeks where people have mentioned that they’re new to Python while they’re asking questions about TurboGears.

Python has been my language of choice for a decade, and I’m happy to be contributing in some way to growing Python’s usage.

7 thoughts on “TurboGears bringing new people to Python”

  1. I’m not at the top of python yet, so I’d be more of a 1/2 python coder still.

    Then again, I wasted so much time on other ones first.

  2. I started learning Python about five years ago, and have been using it heavily for about two years. Most of my work is with Zope & Plone, but I recently developed an online sweepstakes promotion using the CP/SQLObject/Cheetah stack. Major joy compared to the many layers of stuff you have to deal with when developing non-trivial products for Plone!

    Anyway, being a Plonish guy, I’m very accustomed to working with TAL. Cheetah was the least-enjoyable part of my project. Kid is very similar to TAL, so I’m almost certain the next generation of my sweepstakes app is lurking in TurboGears somewhere.

    Thanks for TG!

  3. turbogears was a natural choice for me because sqlobject is so nice. django and ruby on rails leave me scratching my head.

  4. I noticed this too on #cherrypy. We had people new to python and new to CP adn TG in the channel asking smart questions and you could hear the ‘Ah ah’ moments as they were enlightened. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve been investigating Python for about two months. I have yet to really write any complete applications, however, the rate at which I am managing to learn complex systems like TG is incredible to me. My boss looks at me funny when I speak so highly of a mere programming language. πŸ˜‰

    Luckily, as TG development progresses (and thanks to SQLObject – my boss still doesn’t believe some of the things it does so easily) I’ll be able to use it for more and more. Thanks!

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