PyCon 2006 – see you there!

The list of talks for PyCon 2006 is up. There are lots of good topics planned, including two TurboGears sessions. Mark Ramm, who I’m helping out on a forthcoming TurboGears book, will be doing a tutorial session on TurboGears. I’ll be doing a talk on “effective AJAX”, which is all about making a usable AJAXified web app (samples, of course, will be in TurboGears).

Though I’ve used Python for many years, this will be my first PyCon, so I’m really looking forward to it.

4 thoughts on “PyCon 2006 – see you there!”

  1. Hopefully you will be able to stick around for the sprints, Kevin. I find the sprints actually more fun than the conference (and I love the conference, so that is saying something).

  2. PyCon is a heap of fun; I know David and I are looking forward to seeing you there. Hopefully our presentations aren’t scheduled at the same time, as yours is on my list of interesting things that I’d like to take in while I’m there. We’ve gotten clearance to stick around for all four days of sprints, so maybe we can even be useful. 🙂

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