TurboGears book from Prentice Hall

It’s official!

After a month of discussions with two different publishers (both of
which sounded quite excited about the project), Mark Ramm and I have
agreed to write a TurboGears book for Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall is
the largest technical publisher in the world and will provide
excellent marketing and distribution support for the book. The
worldwide reach is important, as TurboGears has many users outside of
the US.

We’re working with Mark Taub, who has experience publishing books for
other open source projects. Mark also worked with Bruce Perens on
Bruce’s series of books at Prentice Hall.

We’re grateful for the positive reviews and useful input our proposal
received from some notable names in the Python world. This project is
going to be a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to get it out there.
(Please wait a few months for delivery šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “TurboGears book from Prentice Hall”

  1. Any chance there might be a beta book like the Rails folks did? It seemed to be pretty successful, and it was really nice to have the pdf a few months before getting the print copy. In any case, congrats!

  2. It can be a bit of a challenge to write a book on such a fast moving technology, just wondering about the projected publishing timeline versus the development timeline, ie. will the book cover the latest developments to version 1.0 (when it’s released) and what’s the time window from final draft to actual printing and sale?

    In any case I’m looking forward to the book, all the best!

  3. I have an advantage in writing this book, since I know the major directions we’ll be taking. There will certainly be some smaller features that don’t make it in the book, but the book should cover all of the biggies at the time it comes out. We’re certainly going to try to make it as close as possible to the code at the time of the book’s release.

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