TurboGears now supports Cheetah and Stan

The other day, I talked about what TurboGears is not, specifically mentioning template systems. TurboGears has one documented, supported and included way for generating pages: Kid. But, with the latest code in Subversion, TurboGears now also supports other template engines via plugins that provide fairly seamless support for other systems.

Which other systems? There are already two plugins, and writing plugins is easy (and documented).

TurboCheetah provides support for, you guessed it!, Cheetah. Since that one is in the Cheeseshop, you can get it just by running “easy_install TurboCheetah”. If you run “easy_install -f http://www.turbogears.org/download/ TurboCheetah”, you can even get prebuilt eggs for Cheetah 1.0 for Windows and Mac.
Cliff Wells has written a plugin for Stan. Once he gets that up on the Cheeseshop, that will be easy_installable as well.

7 thoughts on “TurboGears now supports Cheetah and Stan”

  1. Kevin,

    Thanks, this makes it possible for me to migrate some of my websites to turbogears.

    I use STAN in several of my sites. The new STAN support makes it easy for me to migrate.

    What I really like about your approach is that a developer can mix templating engines on the same web site.

    I like STAN for several use cases, but kid is great in others.

    Thanks you very much,

  2. Thumbs up! I know you are not to fond of incluiding other less strict template engines, but I only see good things coming from this. At least the Subway folks will have another excuse to work on TG 🙂


  3. plug-ins are a good way to do this. It makes sure that TG stays smile and sleek, but allows others to use the system with older code.

  4. TurboStan is now in the cheeseshop. Enjoy and please send me bug reports.

    Kevin, thanks for a great framework, and thanks more for making it extensible.


  5. How about supporting HTMLTemplate ?
    I’ve been using CherryPy since it was in 1.0. But I really got to love CP2.0 when I was using it with HTMLTemplate.Not that I can’t stand Kid, but I still seem to like HTMLTemplate for some reason (Perhaps for its very clean seperation of markup and code)


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