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Camtasia Studio is the ultimate screencasting tool. For those of us using a Mac, we’re stuck with Snapz Pro X. Snapz is a fine screen capture tool, to be sure… but take a look at the features you get from Camtasia, and you’ll see that there’s really no comparison. Camtasia’s number one problem is that it’s Windows-only.

I’ve seen quite a few people out there using Macs to produce screencasts. TechSmith has had a hard time justifying the effort to make a Mac version of Camtasia. But, Mac users often seem to be more willing to pony up for a good piece of software. That, and there are quite a few developers running on Macs now. Maybe the market for Camtasia on the Mac is bigger than what TechSmith thinks it may be?

If you’d like to see Camtasia for the Mac, consider sending them a feature request.

Update: Camtasia for Mac is now out.

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  1. I have used Camtasi for Pc at office. I use a Mac at home and I’d love to see a Mac version of Camtasis it would help me to produce teaching materials for my part time lectures. Definitely I will buy a copy….

  2. TechSmith guys,
    please don’t forget to look at this kind of apps for mac:
    AppZapper, Disco, Delicious Library, Acquisition, xTorrent and others from these guys

    This can help you succeed on mac market

    And I’m eagerly waiting for The Mac App for screencasting

  3. Just returned from the VSTE (Virginia Society for Technology in Education) Conference; the buzzword at the conference was Camtasia. I attended a workshop on using it to develop training videos for teachers only to find out that those of us with Macs can’t use it! Presenters at conferences such as VSTE are encouraging us to use it, so hustle up and develop a Mac version. PLEASE!

  4. Thanks to Troy for his continued effort on this development. I think this reflects greatly on TechSmith. Now they just need to go through with it or disappointment will follow.

  5. I believe that the PC world underestimate the Macintosh loyalty. Mac users are a violable market. Once you have them as a costumer they are yours for life. I have seen example of your product all over the net. How I long to product such video myself. God help me I have even though of buying a pc. Please! Please don’t force me into the ultimate sin. Make the produce and we will buy.

  6. One more for this product. Design firm here and we do a lot of training videos. In fact, we’re scoping a project for right now and have a great need for decent screen recording.

  7. Thanks, Roccit!

    Thanks everyone for the requests! We’ve seen an increase in demand for a Mac version of Camtasia Studio. We hope to meet that demand in the future. 😉

    All the best,

    Troy Stein, Camtasia Product Manager

  8. Well, unfortunately we had to move to a PC solution since I have a looming deadline for a very high profile training project. Had there been a Mac version of Camtasia, I could’ve made that a new software requirement in our company (my employer is one of the largest defense and government contractors on the face of the planet..i.e. a huge amount of licenses- good business for Camtasia), and have stayed on the Mac. But since the company I work for already has a license for Captivate, I’m required to use that. The only upside to this is I had to get Parallels and WinXP for my Mac.
    Thousands of lost sales for Camtasia. That’s what happens when one drags their feet.

  9. Just add my wishes for a Mac version too. I desperately need this software for my work – part of which is to produce webcasts with video and Powerpoint in Flash. I’m currently subbing this work out to a Windows user and I’m buying the software for him to use. There must be hundreds if not thousands of web creatives working on Macs who would buy Camtasia tomorrow. There’s nothing else on the market,

  10. >GSchumsky
    >”…That’s what happens when one drags their feet…”

    You are making an assumption that they -are- dragging their feet rather than spending time making a quality product. It’s not as simple as clicking a button called “port to Mac” on their keyboards and Presto it’s done. It’s a whole different world in Mac development than PC development and Mac users are picky about different things than PC users.

    If they did a half-assed port of their product just to get it out the door, people could be on this or another forum complaining that it wasn’t ‘mac enough.’

    Me: I want the app–but I want a stable, fast, and elegant solution. The company that I work for could have used it on Mac-specific projects already, but we’re making do with what we have until the software is ready.

    Besides, if the software requires Leopard to work properly (perhaps needing Core technologies) then everyone will just have to wait until Leopard ships anyway.

    Good luck, Troy (and if u need a tester…)

  11. If you are worried about producing a first-rate, totally Mac version of Camtasia, why not do something similar to how Adobe proceeded when they wanted to develop Lightroom? Release a public beta on a special site, invite people to download, use freely, give feedback re, talk about and generally help to improve and publicise the new app before producing the final polished version. As with Lightroom, “Camtasia Mac” could be provided free, made to expire by a given date and, as a beta, would be forgiven it’s limitations and quirks.

    I participated in the Lightroom experience and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to be able to afford the 1.0 version soon (I’m an amateur photographer, so persuading spouse that I really need such a professionally-orientated app is going to be difficult!)

    Good luck and get something developed soon – I’m a dedicated Camtasia user who recently switched to Mac. Screen capture and reasonable genealogy software are two huge gaps in the Mac arsenal.

  12. Over a year? Yes, this conversation began in January 2006. However, it appears that in August TechSmith was still deciding whether to develop Camtasia for Mac. And, this is a sophisticated software program, with a lot of decisions and issues to address. I agree with Andrew. Let’s be a little patient so we can have a GOOD first version, not just a rushed-to-market product.

  13. Great comments. I’m glad there’s demand for it. We hope to be able to meet those demands in the future.

    FWIW, CS for the PC has ~40 developer years under its belt (7 years of development by 5-6 developers). A CS for the Mac would take a bit of time. 🙂


  14. Carlesa;

    Only within the Windows environment – yoiu couldn’t capture your Mac desktop or Mac apps with it. And, with the emulation going on, you may not get the best performance out of it.

  15. Well, due to not having a Mac version of Camtasia, we had to have an outside source provide us with some screen captures of a app we have. They provided us with avi’s captured at 30fps (we’ll be editing these into some green screen footage, so 30 helps keep stuff in sync with the talent), but everything is using the Techsmith codec, so I can’t even open them to convert them to Quicktime. We did try to have Camtasia output the captures to QT, with a setting of 30fps a number of times, but it kept converting them to 7fps…what the heck is going on? Why is Camtasia doing this? That causes the video to be way out of sync with the talent. We then tried saving as an avi, uncompressed for a 4 minute video so we could at least convert it, and the file was 18 gigabytes. Not even a QT uncompressed, 4 minutes is that huge. Is the captured avi usable, and how can we get it into FCP or motion? We really don’t have the budget to pay to recapture the footage.



  16. Hi Greg,

    you _should_ be able to export high quality AVIs and MOVs out of Camtasia Studio. I made a little video explaining how.

    If that doesn’t work, then a little troubleshooting might be in order. You can call our support group for free from 8am to 6pm EST at 1-517-333-2100.



  17. Troy, Can we get an update with a guesstimate on a Mac version? We are waiting and hoping…

  18. I wish I could give a date. I’m really sorry that i can’t say more at this point. But, I think you’ll like what you see.

    I’ll post here first when we have more detailed news.


  19. Troy,

    Any news, I know you posted last week but. I switched to a mac at xmas and the only apps I use on windows are IE and Camtasia.

    Does anyone know of any other capture software that I could feed into Camtasia so I can record on the mac. Recording in a windows Parallels environment on a Mac from a Parallels Centos apache server is just to painful for words.



  20. Troy,

    I was interested in your post about exporting high quality AVI or MOV files out of Camtasia to work with them on Mac. The URL you give is not functional (neither the tinyurl nor the full length link). Have you taken this video? If so, could you reinstate it?

  21. Troy,

    I was interested in your post about exporting high quality AVI or MOV files out of Camtasia to work with them on Mac. The URL you give is not functional (neither the tinyurl nor the full length link). Have you taken down this video? If so, could you reinstate it?

  22. Hi Folks,

    Its not Camtasia Studio for the Mac. We’ll announce that at a later time.

    But we do have a cool project, its called Its an experiment in rapid visual sharing. It makes screen captures and recordings. Its limited to 5 minutes for the videos (flash) and they can’t be edited. But its super easy and quick. Cool UI, imho. It runs on a Mac and a PC and its free.

    Here’s a (pretty generous) review of it (

    Best regards,

    Troy Stein
    Camtasia Studio Product Manager

  23. How I screencast from the Mac: I am using Screenography on the Mac to do screen capture. It produces .mov, flv, swf and others. Good product but it is damn buggy. I record a mov of my screen with voiceover. Then exporting flv from Quicktime (because it is faster than doing it again from Screenography) and a wav file – so I can do closed captioning. Repeat ad nauseum for all movie captures. I then open Parallels and put the flv and wav files into Adobe Captivate – the other screencasting product. I then create menus, buttons and captions etc to build the interface. Ridiculous? You bet! The market is wide open for a Mac-based screencasting/interface development tool. Camtasia, Captivate or whatever. I can’t believe there isn’t an option out there. Somebody needs to get on this, and quick!

  24. I hope that you can make recordings in both OSs compatible so that people involved in a project do not need to be tied to a group OS

  25. We’re having this debate internally and I’d love to get your feedback:

    “Should we make the UI different for Mac and PC, like Microsoft does with Office, or should we follow Adobe’s approach and make a one UI for bother platforms?”

    BTW, if the latter, then we assume that it would be a new UI. We wouldn’t port over the windows UI.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  26. Since I often go back and forth between Mac and Windows platforms throughout the day, I always appreciate continuity. I find the difference between MS Office for Windows and Mac disorienting. On the other hand, using Adobe Photoshop on the two platforms is easy because my mind does not have to switch gears as I switch between computers. Since I now use Camtasia for Windows and am comfortable with that UI, having the same UI when I purchase Camtasia for Mac would be great.

    If you develop a new UI for both platforms, I would still prefer that they be the same.

    But, this is the perspective of someone who uses both platforms every day. It may not matter to those who only use the Mac.

  27. Hello Troy,

    I would vote for allowing some differences if you believe they improve the UI. I would not want the differences to be due to fewer features on the Mac version. (More features is of course okay.) I would not want UI differences to delay the first Mac version.

    Most of your users will be on one platform and won’t notice differences. However, those folks in IT that support both versions will appreciate it if the differences are small. In my view, the end-users’ preference should dominate.

    Any timetable for a beta version?

  28. No timetables yet.

    What if we made a mac UI and then ported that over to the PC with minor modifications to the Windows UI. How do you think that would be received?

  29. One of the best UIs I’ve had the pleasure to use has been with Luxology’s 3D application modo. It doesn’t use any of the OS widgets (well, except for the Open and Save dialogs) and is unified across both the PC and Mac platforms. Using the app on either machine gives you the same experience. On the other hand, using Maya (now by Autodesk) is a cobbled-together experience with weird mixes of their old, and very Windows 98 UI and Mac OS X widgets (buttons, tabs, scrolls) and it doesn’t flow well.

    modo UI:
    maya UI:

    as a counter argument:
    Yahoo! Messenger adopts the UI of the platform. The Mac version is nice and Mac-like, but the Vista one looks nice and shiny–making the Mac one look a little lackluster. The UNIX version is just fugly.


    I guess I’m saying is that a well-designed UI is almost always better. If the current Camtasia UI is clunky–improve it.

  30. Hi Troy,

    I think, and could be mistaken, that Mac users tend to be pickier about having a “native” experience. So making a native-feeling Mac GUI and a Windows port from that is likely to be more successful than the reverse.

    I also think that the number of people who use the *same program* on both Windows and Mac on a regular basis are likely a fairly small bunch. Most Mac users I know will use Windows for specific apps that have no convenient counterpart on the Mac.

  31. I am a camtasia fan, but I like the functionality and UI of Captivate for simulations, branching, adding interactive components o the fly or recording screen movements, etc, and so forth.

    I finally made the leap and purchased a MacBook Pro and parallels to run all these programs (like SnagIt, Camtasia, and Adobe’s Captivate) on the Mac. Excited to make demos in the Mac I can’t get it to escape windows. Anyone have ideas? I.e., as noted by another poster here, I can only record the Windows desktop / applications, even in coherence mode.

    Bummed. Hope you can help. Thanks! LM

  32. I’ve never used Camtasia — not that that I’m averse to it, it’s just the way it turned out — so I can’t draw parallels to it.

    Right now I record short how-to videos using Snapz Pro, voice recording, OmniDazzle from The Omni Group, then (occasionally) drop in captions. I’d like to do things like bubble callouts, but I have never found a solution that did not fuzz up the video on transfer.

    I can see myself needing Captivate-like tools in the future, with timeline control, custom fields, etc. I say “in the future” because I do that kind of thing now, but it’s always on Windows.

    Regarding user interface: In most cases I say do NOT port. The reason is that many times a port LOOKS like a port, which therefore looks like Windows, which is one of the reasons why I switched from Windows in the first place!

  33. Hi Troy.

    Thanks in advance for maintaining a listening ear. I too use a Intel-based Mac and run Parallels with Camtasia as my
    main screen recording program. I also use LiveType/imovie/Final Cut for movies, convert them, and import into my presentations.

    I am currently working on a Training video series of a custom developed software for the mining industry.

    All the developers I work with are Mac-based and program with Java in the mac environment. One feature that I would almost die for is the ability to access media, like imovie, where I can select from an itune songlist, import to Audio track #2, and actually use bezier curves (see imovie-importing soundtracks) to adjustment the volume of the soundtrack. Music is a powerful medium for introducing training, and fading in/out during transitions between screen recordings.

    Keep up the good work, and will wait patiently for an OSX version to hit the marketplace.

    Rob Johnson

  34. Just to second Robs comment. I use Parallels on an Intel Mac to run Camtasia and in a Mac version would love to see movie and audio import integration with itunes and imovie or FInal Cut. Also PLEASE allow .DV and .MOV import. Can you add this to Camtasia for Windows anyway ? It’s a pain having to convert to WMV and AVI for the version Windows (and AVI files over 2gb are a no no going between the two systems currently). Also FLV import too.

  35. Rob, Marcus,

    If all goes well, we should have DV and MOV import… The iTunes integration makes good sense.

    From my experience w/ previous version of iMovie, I’m less inclined to make that connection with Camtasia b/c iMovie converted our nice lossless videos into compressed 720×480 videos, which ended up being not so nice and clean.

    Working with Final Cut makes more sense b/c it can handle our files without encoding them and it retains the quality.

    FWIW, we will have MOV import capabilities in CS 5.1 for windows coming in the first half of 2008.

    FLV import… Marcus, can you tell me more why you’d want this or what problem this would solve?



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