Thanks, PSF!

amk talks about how the Python Software Foundation is funding PyCon travellers. Since he has opened the door for me to do so, I’d like to say a big “thanks!” to the PSF for helping out with my PyCon travel. Between the conference and the looking-to-be-lively TurboGears Sprint, I’m spending a whole week in Addison, Texas. And, that’s completely on my dime, which is not a very easy thing when you’re still working on getting a business going. Or, that would have been completely on my dime, if the PSF wasn’t generously helping out.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, PSF!”

  1. Kevin, it’s great to hear that you were one of the PSF recipients. I’ve been attending Python Conferences on-and-ff since #2 (over a decade ago!) and they’re always great fun.

  2. Though I’ve been using Python for more than a decade, this is my first PyCon! I’m sure it’ll be fun and I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. Good luck with the pycon and keep the web development talk going! Now the tracks have been announced for Europython I’ll be trying to convince my business partner to to join me giving some nevow/twisted presentation(s). The more people talking about the needs of web application development and the possible solutions to the various issues the better. It doesn’t really matter which framework, open discussion can improve them all.

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