3 thoughts on “Algorithms book”

  1. The last such book I saw was the Seminal work done by Donaly Knuth called – “The Art of Computer Programming”. Volumes 1-3. I would still refer this book to anyone who is interested in this field.

  2. //(c)Yarco; all possible combinations of N-1-nes and K-0-es; enjoy..and..yeh…I //know it’s a crapy code…writen in less than 30 mins though;)))))


    void Combinations(int zero,int one);
    void Recurs(int zero,int one);
    void main()
    { int zero,one;

    printf(“Please enter the ammount of zero’s and ones!!!:_)”);
    void Combinations(int zero,int one)
    { static char *string=(char*)calloc(1,zero one 2),*StartPoint;
    int counter,possition=1;


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