Ian Landsman’s Mini Site Marketing Experiment

Ian Landsman’s Mini Site Marketing Experiment is one of the best marketing ideas (and implementations thereof) that I’ve seen in quite a while. Check out the Open Source Help Desk List site that he created. This is a genuinely useful roundup of open source help desk software, though the alphabetical listing is not as useful as listings by platform or by relative maturity/usability would be. The site is not so subtly trying to get people to consider Ian’s HelpSpot product as an alternative. You know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. The resource he’s created is useful and highlights one segment of his competition. It seems likely that people perusing his list will check out HelpSpot and, assuming they’re willing to pay at all, may indeed pony up the reasonable price for it.

Good job, Ian!

One thought on “Ian Landsman’s Mini Site Marketing Experiment”

  1. Thanks! I did consider organizing it by maturity/usability/quality but they all seemed to hard to determine or were simply a judgement call on my part and I didn’t want to be in charge of saying X is better than Y.

    I hadn’t really considered organizing by platform. That’s not bad, but my experience with HelpSpot has been that people are willing to use different platforms, install new languages, etc if they like the product so organizing by platform may turn people off before they’ve really investigated the project. I’ll keep this in the back of my head and depending on the feedback I get perhaps I can add that information or do some type of dual organization.

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