LouderVoice: reviews on your blog

LouderVoice seems interesting. The goal is to allow you to post reviews on your blog, but have them aggregated back in a meaningful way on the LouderVoice website. It sounds like a neat idea, and I’ll be interested to see how it feels.

By the way, they’re hiring and the site is based on TurboGears.

One thought on “LouderVoice: reviews on your blog”

  1. Thanks for the mention Kevin. We’re busy in very early beta test right now and hope to invite a bunch more people in to check it out in mid-February. The aim is to launch probably early Q2.

    I must say we haven’t regretted going down the TG route for one second or regretted using one of the best TG guys out there to build the site for us.

    There is currently no TG community in Ireland to the best of my knowledge. When we start building our dev team we hope to change that!

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