April Fools Day Roundup

April Fools Day on the web is a time for celebration of new products and new news. Here’s a roundup (that I’ll update from time to time) of the ones I like from today:

Google’s TiSP gives you free internet access via fiber optic cable that is run through your sewage lines. Google’s Gmail service now offers Gmail Paper, where you can have your mail printed out and delivered to you. Gee, thanks, Google!

Who doesn’t remember gliding down in a Stunt Monkey Baby Chute when they were a kid?

One of Woot‘s biggest sellers is their Random Crap item. Today, they had a deal going for one lucky buyer: get three craps in a single bag for just $1,000,001 (plus shipping).

Thinkgeek has trotted out a collection of new products. The WiiHelm for hands free Wii control. The 8-Bit Tie should be a real product. Caffeinated cigarettes. Lonely guy photo frame that inserts you into vacations you wish you had. The Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter provides an easy (likely one time use) way to see if your electrical outlet is working. They also have an alarm clock that donates to organizations you don’t like while you sleep.

You don’t have to be a World of Warcraft player to appreciate a good Tinfoil Hat.

It turns out that the window transparency features that we’ve come to know and love can actually be a security hazard.

TattooYourToddler sounds oddly realistic.

2 thoughts on “April Fools Day Roundup”

  1. I lost all my fsking sense of humor on Aprils 1st. The ideia of a day of the year when you should be funny is simple idiot. Humor should be spontaneous,

  2. Spontaneous humor is great, I agree… *but* I think you miss what is, to me, the point of April Fools Day (at least in modern times). Today, sites/organizations/whatever that are otherwise fairly serious for good reason the rest of the year can do something silly. Google’s a good example. Imagine if the “Gmail Print” page appeared on any day other than April 1!

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