Clearance deals on TurboGears DVD, MarbleGears, etc.

It’s time to clear out my warehouse space for some projects that I am starting up. I have slashed the prices on the TurboGears Ultimate DVD and the nifty TurboGears merchandise (the MarbleGears marble maze, the tin toolbox and the squishy, stress-reliever toolboxes).

The DVD, with more than 5 hours of material, is now under $10 while supplies last.

5 thoughts on “Clearance deals on TurboGears DVD, MarbleGears, etc.”

  1. Hah! To be clear, I have *space* in a warehouse. One pallet, to be precise 🙂

    I use a fulfillment service (eFulfillmentService), and the warehouse space isn’t cheap because that’s how they cover their administrative costs…

  2. Can’t order from France at this price point 🙁

    Here is the error message:

    Buy TurboGears Goods from Blazing Things

    This shopping cart is for checkout of items from Blazing Things.

    In order to cover the cost of packing and shipping orders, there is a $13 minimum order. Sorry!

  3. Heya, just tried to order the DVD and kept getting “15005: This transaction cannot be processed.” Tried different payment options, too. Any ideas?

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