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Last weekend for the TurboGears Ultimate DVD, etc.

About a month ago, I mentioned that the TurboGears Ultimate DVD and my other TG merchandise (MarbleGears and the toolboxes) were on clearance. I’ve reduced the prices a little more and set Monday as the last day for sales of the goods. Now is your last chance! The stuff is cheap, and I’d be happy if my fulfillment company has less stuff to send back to me :)

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Flash gets H.264 support

Interesting news: Mac Rumors: Adobe Annouces H.264 Support in Flash

The reason I find this interesting is that most of the popular video sites have settled on Flash-based players as their standard user interface. From my experimentation, H.264 provides the best size/quality ratio that I’ve seen for screencasting, at least among codecs that are broadly supported. So, the addition of H.264 to Flash means that the Flash player can now be a good platform for lossy-encoded screencasts.

It’s worth noting that TechSmith’s Camtasia product already produces high-quality SWF Flash movies. Those movies are actually lossless and look fantastic, but they are bigger than a comparable H.264 movie.

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