Working on cool stuff with great people is the ideal, right? Check it out. There’s this most unusual product called the Eye-Fi, which combines an SD card with built-in wifi. What this means is that you can shoot pictures with your digital camera and have them uploaded to your computer and Flickr (etc) wirelessly, without doing anything. Bam! They just beam over. How cool is that?

Even cooler to know that my new company was involved in the Eye-Fi’s creation. Follow that link to learn a bit about how the Eye-Fi is set up. This is definitely a new way to do UI for a tiny standalone device like this.

WordPress: How do people register even though registration is off?

A question for the lazyweb, as I didn’t find an answer immediately via Google… how is it that I’ve seen a couple of random people register new user accounts, doubtless for nefarious purposes, even though I have user registration turned off on my blog? Yesterday, I even renamed wp-register.php, figuring that people may have been posting directly to the script. Is that not the right script?

Mixer and Korg Wavestation EX for sale

OK, I promise that my blog is not going to just be filled with ads for random stuff that I’m selling. I actually have a programming-related article planned for sometime soon. In the meantime, though, hot on the heels of listing my desk on craigslist, I now have a DOD 1642 16-Channel Professional Sound Mixing Board and a Korg Wavestation EX keyboard for sale. Some people on eBay have started calling the Wavestation “vintage”. It’s always kind of scary when something that you bought new is now categorized as vintage. Alas, I’m old enough now that a fair number of things we’ve purchased over the years could qualify as vintage had I kept them. (TRS-80 Model III, anyone?)