The Constitution is there to restrict the government

This is on CNN: Attorney: DNC violates Constitution:

Steinberg argued that the 14th Amendment, which bars states from denying individuals equal protection under the law, should prohibit the DNC from creating rules that make the votes of the residents of those four states “paramount to the rights of the voters in Florida.”

I am not a lawyer (Steinberg is), but this seems so obviously wrong. Steinberg must be a publicity-hunting Clinton supporter. The 14th Amendment “bars states”, but the DNC is not a state. The Constitution’s purpose is not to restrict what individuals can do (the laws Congress makes do that). It’s purpose is to restrict what the government can do.

So, while the DNC and RNC are quite important as far as who gets elected in this country, they are not actual government agencies. One court has already tossed this case out.

If someone is a lawyer and I’m completely wrong about this, I’d like to hear it… but from what I’ve read, this case makes no sense at all.

One thought on “The Constitution is there to restrict the government”

  1. I’m not a lawyer either, but I _am_ 100% positive you are correct. If Steinberg and his clients don’t like it, they should join a different party, or found their own…

    Yes, I know that’s a stretch, but that’s the point of all of this, isn’t it? You don’t like party rules? Fight them from within or without, but you’re laughably ignorant if you think you can use Constitutional Law to sway the decisions of private parties.

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