Free electronic waste recycling in Ann Arbor

For those people who read my blog and happen to live around Ann Arbor, there are two free electronic waste recycling opportunities coming up.

  • Tomorrow (April 28, 2008) from 10am to 4pm at the Best Buy on Lohr Road
  • Saturday May 10 from 9am to 2pm at Pioneer High School

Keep that mercury, lead and other nasty stuff out of our landfills by taking your electronic junk to one of these places. It’s finally time to get rid of that 14″ CRT and the 486.

4 thoughts on “Free electronic waste recycling in Ann Arbor”

  1. I thought I heard on a radio PSA that they are also going to have a machine to shred paper and recycle it. How do I contact the organizers to find out if this is true? Thanks.

  2. I was wondering when the next free electronic waste recycling event in Ann Arbor will be taking place. I have some computers, old phones, small radios that have been taken apart and am need of a recycling option. Thank you.

    amy curtis

  3. I haven’t heard anything about another event. I did see some mention about chains like Best Buy considering offering this kind of service more generally.

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