2 thoughts on “links for 2008-07-25”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Thanks so much for noticing us and the compliment. There are many differences between DO and crowdSPRING. Here are a few:

    1. We require escrow in every single project. No exceptions. If a buyer “abandons” the project, we select the winning creative and someone is paid.

    2. We pay creatives anywhere in the world and we pay 100% of the awards (we charge buyers a small commission).

    3. We offer full project management, with a robust notification system (email, RSS), and file uploads/downloads.

    4. We have outstanding customer service.

    5. Every project on crowdspring is protected by a customized legal agreement. You own your work at ALL times until it is selected and paid for and you get a copy of that agreement when you’re the winning creative in a project – for EACH project.

    6. We rigorously enforce intellectual property rights and have a full dispute resolution process.

    7. We deeply care about our community. Take a look at our blog, for example, and you’ll see interviews with some of the talented designers in our community (we also feature 2 plus an interview on our homepage). http://blog.crowdspring.com

    We invite your readers to take a look.

  2. Hi Ross,

    Thanks for the comments!

    It sounds like you’re differentiating yourself from Design Outpost in a number of good ways, beyond just the UI of your site. Excellent! I’ll definitely keep you in mind for my next personal project (my company has design staff).


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