Thanks to Mark for channelling me at PyOhio

I had lunch with Mark Ramm-Christensen today, and he gave me the scoop on PyOhio which was last Saturday. It sounds like a good time was had by all. Mark guessed there were 80 people there, which is a good turnout for a regional event like PyOhio! Congrats to the organizers! It sounds like you did quite a job getting the word out and building the turnout.

I couldn’t be there because my daughter’s 5th birthday party was on the same day. Thanks to Mark, my Paver talk happened at PyOhio anyhow. He had the tough 2:30PM timeslot. If you’ve ever given a talk or sat through a talk at 2:30, you’ll probably remember that as “siesta time”. Everyone’s energy level tends to be very low at that point of the day.

So, thanks everyone for learning a bit about my new little project and to Mark for presenting my talk at that time and keeping the energy up.

One thought on “Thanks to Mark for channelling me at PyOhio”

  1. As an attendee at the conference, I second your thanks. I think Mark did an excellent job presenting (in both of his presentations), and it definitely piqued my interest in paver, and maybe I’ll take another look at TG, too….

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