Dinner Tuesday @ PyWorks?

My flight to PyWorks arrives around 6:20pm on Tuesday, and I anticipate needing dinner after I get to the hotel. Anyone want to meet up for dinner there?

Update: I may not be coming in on Tuesday after all. We’ve got some illnesses going around in the family, so it’s looking like I’ll come in on Wednesday.

Update 2: I’m coming in today after all.

6 thoughts on “Dinner Tuesday @ PyWorks?”

  1. Kevin, are you going to be posting your slides from the paver talk you gave at PyWorks? I really enjoyed it and wanted to make sure I remembered it correctly when telling my coworkers about it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much, Kevin. I can understand the reluctance to have slides out there with no context. I think there were some of the “big picture” ideas that I just didn’t have in my notes from the talk. Thanks for sharing these. I really appreciate it. And yes, rest assured that I have been reading through the docs quite a bit.

  3. Hey

    thanks for sharing those slides.

    I am just learning python as i have been forced to, but not even started yet untill i came accross these slides.

    Going through them now so hope it will boost my willingness to learn.

    I am stuck on the easieness of c right now

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