Making custom web frameworks with WSGI

At the next Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) meeting, we’ll be talking about building custom web frameworks using WSGI bits and pieces. I’ve done this a couple of times now and think it’s a powerful and straightforward approach that works well for certain kinds of projects.

I’m figuring we’ll take a look at some available components and glue stuff together to build a framework during the session.

As usual, the meeting is the first Thursday of the month (February 5th, in this case) at 7pm at the SRT Solutions office in downtown Ann Arbor.

2 thoughts on “Making custom web frameworks with WSGI”

  1. Thanks! I’ve been doing a bunch of client-heavy work lately where the server is just an API, and a typical full stack is just way more than I need in those instances… that’s why I’ve found it handy to pick the components and put them together.


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