WSGI goodness spreading to other languages

In Python, we’ve been enjoying the convenience of mixing and matching various things that follow the WSGI convention for a while. More recently, Rack brought those good features to a very similar interface for Ruby. And now I see:

Jack: Rack for JavaScript

echo “Rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks” | sed -e s/Rack/Jack/g -e s/Ruby/JavaScript/g

Jack comes from Tom Robinson, one of the developers of Cappuccino/Objective-J.

3 thoughts on “WSGI goodness spreading to other languages”

  1. Except that Python is stuck with start_response() where as these other language equivalents don’t. Even though WSGI 2.0 eliminates start_response(), it is probably highly unlikely that WSGI 2.0 will even happen. WSGI 1.0 can be seen to be similar to XML-RPC, it was an okay start, could have been better (without going as far as the SOAP crud), but because it got adopted so well, it got entrenched and you will never now get rid of it. 🙁

    Hoping for a WSGI 2.0 world.

  2. Python is actually a great language when it comes to providing backwards/forwards compatibility.

    If there’s enough agreement from the right people, WSGI 2.0 can become a reality. Creating an adapter between a WSGI 2.0 container and WSGI 1.0 apps and middleware shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

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