Why Indepedent Music Is Never Mainstream

Great articles on Slashdot and Salon regarding the major labels paying radio stations to play their music.

Napster users have often questioned why a CD costs $16. Courtney Love told the story of how that $16 is certainly not going to the artists. The profits of the major labels, while significant, are not so high as to imply that they are getting all of that $16. Here are the parts of the cost that seem to exist, though I’m not sure how much each one makes up:
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Useless Patents That Impede Progress

Brent Ashley has posted some thoughts about patents and The Software Commons on his blog, following the news that NetObjects has a patent on WYSIWYG HTML editing. A few thoughts follow…

NetObjects is likely to go after large companies with large bank accounts and vast hordes of lawyers (eg, Microsoft) to try and collect on their new patents. Microsoft won’t just settle such a suit, because they have too much invested in WYSIWYG HTML (MS Word and FrontPage come to mind). They’d be a lot more likely to just buy NetObjects. The least costly solution, however, would be to dig up some prior art… and odds are that it exists.
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Sun Defending Their Java Investment

Yahoo – Sun defends Java platform investment: “The company says it makes money by building services and hardware systems around Java, which it manages in a semi-open process.” I’m certain that Sun has generated business as a result of Java. It has been good for them both in terms of marketing, and in terms of providing technology that enabled developers to use their systems.
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Why Would You Care What I Write?

If you’re curious about the goal of this site, check out this article.

Why would you care what I write? For the same reasons you would care what anyone writes: you find the topic interesting, or the opinions resonate or dissonate with you. My purpose with this site is not to build some gigantic audience that I can “monetize”. My goal is to have a place where I can keep a journal of things that are interesting to me and thoughts that come to me along the way. Perhaps some of those thoughts will be interesting to others and we’ll get some discussion going… but given my real goal for this site, I’m basically guaranteed to succeed.
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