The Software Commons

The open source software revolution is just heating up. Though some would portray it as a destroyer of intellectual property, the truth is that it is a chance for companies to work together to save billions of dollars and retain the intellectual property that is truly important to them.

The Software Commons
Where Is Open Source Taking Us?

Though the GNU project has existed since 1984, the notion of thousands of developers collaborating remotely on software projects was inconceivable before the Internet came along. The rules of business haven’t changed; companies still need to turn a profit. The rules of software, however, have changed. This article explores how open source software is creating a “software commons” that will significantly alter the landscape of the software industry.
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The music revolution might still be digitized

From Salon: The music revolution will not be digitized. “The power, then, is consolidated squarely back in the hands of the same record industry executives that held the reins before.” There are still some groups that have the power to change things, though…

So far, the music publishing organizations haven’t completely signed off on many of the models that the major labels are trying to build. The music publishers represent most of the songwriters, and without their permission none of the major label services can take off.
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