Imminent Death of the Music Biz Predicted

This great article talks about the current state of the music business with the historical perspective of the book business as a basis for comparison: Where before you’d be happy only at gold and platinum levels, soon you’ll be grateful if you have a release that sells 30,000 or 40,000 units — that will be your bread and butter. It may sadden some to see the glamour days of the music
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Universal Releases MP3 Track

I consider this to be a big deal: Vivendi Universal and Maverick Records have released a new Meshell Ndegeocello remix for sale online. What’s unique about this is that the new song is $0.99 and in MP3 format. The price is probably slightly higher than where it should be, but the fact that they released it in MP3 shows that they’re paying a little bit of attention to what people want.

Napster Implodes

CNN and others are reporting on the resignation of Napster leadership. This includes the CEO, Konrad Hilbers, and Shawn Fanning, the original author of the software and founder of the company. I do hope that Fanning and Napster are remembered for the revolution they’ve caused, and I hope that Fanning gets another shot at driving change in the entertainment business.

The music revolution might still be digitized

From Salon: The music revolution will not be digitized. “The power, then, is consolidated squarely back in the hands of the same record industry executives that held the reins before.” There are still some groups that have the power to change things, though…

So far, the music publishing organizations haven’t completely signed off on many of the models that the major labels are trying to build. The music publishers represent most of the songwriters, and without their permission none of the major label services can take off.
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