Sun Defending Their Java Investment

Yahoo – Sun defends Java platform investment: “The company says it makes money by building services and hardware systems around Java, which it manages in a semi-open process.” I’m certain that Sun has generated business as a result of Java. It has been good for them both in terms of marketing, and in terms of providing technology that enabled developers to use their systems.
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Why Would You Care What I Write?

If you’re curious about the goal of this site, check out this article.

Why would you care what I write? For the same reasons you would care what anyone writes: you find the topic interesting, or the opinions resonate or dissonate with you. My purpose with this site is not to build some gigantic audience that I can “monetize”. My goal is to have a place where I can keep a journal of things that are interesting to me and thoughts that come to me along the way. Perhaps some of those thoughts will be interesting to others and we’ll get some discussion going… but given my real goal for this site, I’m basically guaranteed to succeed.
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Welcome to WeWriteOnline, a site where I (and others) can write online.

The site is divided into streams of thought:

  • The Techstream is about technology
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  • The Lifestream is about (yep), life!