Not fair! Apple releases Final Cut Express 4

On Tuesday, I ordered Final Cut Express 3.5 with overnight shipping because I had some screencast work to do. I got it yesterday and installed it. Today, Apple released Final Cut Express 4. They’ve lowered the list price to $199 from $299 (luckily, I paid about $230). I don’t so much care about that part… what I do care about is that I don’t want to have to pay $100 to upgrade to FCE4, when I just yesterday paid more than the new price for the product.

Yes, yes, new products come out, technology changes, yadda yadda. Remember the iPhone price drop that people were complaining about? If you bought an iPhone within 14 days of that price drop, you got that money back. If you bought a computer within a few weeks of Leopard’s release, you could get Leopard for $10.

I have no problem with paying $10 to cover the media cost for FCE4. Unfortunately, the Apple customer service rep said there was no such deal, and that my only recourse was to try to return FCE 3.5 to the reseller I bought it from. I called them, but what could they do? They can’t take opened software back! I’m going to try the time-tested technique of calling Apple again and talking to a different rep.

Dear lazyweb: if you happen to know of an Apple policy about this, please post a comment here. Thanks.

Life without Quicksilver

With Tiger, I was a rabid Quicksilver fan. I tended to use it almost exclusively as an application launcher and to add todos to iGTD. Every now and then, I’d use it to delete a file or something, but it was almost always just launch or todo. I did also use it to look up contact information, which is something you can also do with Spotlight.

With Leopard, Spotlight works a lot better, and is very quick as a program launcher. Its calculator feature works nicely, and I’ve used that a couple of times. I’m trying out Mail’s new todos feature, and I’m not completely sold on that yet. Even if I stick with iGTD, though, iGTD has its own hotkey-to-add a todo feature. No need for Quicksilver just for that single feature.

Translucent menu bar aside, Leopard has been a nice upgrade overall.


Working on cool stuff with great people is the ideal, right? Check it out. There’s this most unusual product called the Eye-Fi, which combines an SD card with built-in wifi. What this means is that you can shoot pictures with your digital camera and have them uploaded to your computer and Flickr (etc) wirelessly, without doing anything. Bam! They just beam over. How cool is that?

Even cooler to know that my new company was involved in the Eye-Fi’s creation. Follow that link to learn a bit about how the Eye-Fi is set up. This is definitely a new way to do UI for a tiny standalone device like this.

Music gear for sale (effects processors, sampler, midi interface)

I’ve been a hobbyist musician for a while now. I’ve decided that it’s time to redo things in my studio a bit, and so I’ve got some gear up for sale on eBay. The auctions end next week, so there’s plenty of time to get in cheap.

Lexicon Vortex effects processor

Music Quest 8PortSE MIDI interface with Windows XP drivers

E-mu ESI-4000 Turbo sampler (with Zip drive, CD-ROM drive and a collection of CD-ROMs).

Ensoniq DP/4+ effects processor (4 separate DSPs with some nice sounding effects)

Tascam PB-32B and Hosa PHB-184 1/4″ patch bays (two in one auction… lots of ports!)

BBE Sonic Maximizer effects processor