Unisys Apologizes for the Invention of the Computer

Unisys Apologizes for Creating Unintended Consequences of the Computer Age: “Unisys Corporation today issued a public apology for the many human inconveniences resulting from its invention of UNIVAC I, the world’s first commercial computer, introduced on June 14, 1951.” This press release, which mentions things like not being able to do more than 5 minutes of work before being interrupted by an emailed joke, is an amusing way for Unisys to highlight the fact that 50 years ago they fired up the UNIVAC I.

Another Case for Open Source

News: Beware of wolves in agnostic’s clothing: “Consider the cost difference between producing useful software, and producing profitable retail software. To produce software, you need to develop the software, document it, and distribute it. In contrast, to make profitable software, add on these services: marketing, commercial distribution and retail channel development, package design and manufacture, sales, business development, advertising, public relations, and so on.
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Shortcuts, Godzilla Meat, Slow Updates

The “Shortcuts” topic will be for multiple quick things that come up over a day or two. I could’ve called them “Quickies”, but then this site would be just a little too much like Slashdot without the discussions.
CNN brings us a fun little article about a Japanese company offering Godzilla meat. It’s really corned beef, but who’ll know? It probably should have been something that “tastes like chicken”.
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The Harm of Censorship

Salon.com Books | The morality police: “Cloaking themselves in concern for the welfare of children, censors have managed to successfully paint the people who oppose them as willing corruptors of children.” A lucid argument in defense of free speech that also takes the interesting perspective that minors are not all innocent and are also that there’s no proof that they’re harmed by the media.

MS Smart Tags Described

Today, we find an amusing and descriptive take on why Smart Tags are a bad idea. ZDNet: Interactive Week: Microsoft Tries To Get Smart: “What’s gotten people like Winer and others (link to photo of protestors burning the flag) riled is concern that Microsoft (link to Microsoft stock chart showing how well company is performing) might, because of its OS monopoly (link to article by anti-trust expert detailing why Microsoft is not a monopoly) be able to force its technology down the throats of unsuspecting, uninformed or apathetic users (link to photo of lemmings) who might not realize the implications of the technology (link to Microsoft XP order info page).”

June Incubator

The Incubators are where I’ll post drafts of larger articles while they are works in progress… anyone can provide comments and feedback conveniently before the article goes live for real. Articles started in June will appear here.

Java’s Widening Gulf

Commentary: Java’s widening gulf – Tech News – CNET.com: “We interpret the message from JavaOne as follows: Users should not expect 100 percent compatibility among different Java vendors’ platforms, any more than they should expect that from different versions of Unix. And the gulf between different Java solutions will widen.” This is absolutely the worst way to try to defeat Microsoft.
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