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Inside the Dojo Toolbox

My latest article is up on the SitePen Blog: Inside the Dojo Toolbox. I walk through some of what we encountered while building the Dojo Toolbox AIR application. If you’re thinking of building an AIR application, particularly using JavaScript, check out this look at the technology.

What I’ve been up to: The Dojo Toolbox

Today, we unveiled a project that I’ve been quite busy with the past few weeks: The Dojo Toolbox. Check out my First Look article to learn more about it or watch my 5 minute screencast:

The short story is that it’s an Adobe AIR-based app, built with Dojo itself, that gives you a zippy offline API documentation viewer and a graphical user interface for running Dojo builds.

This was my first interaction with the development side of AIR and my overall impression is quite good. The APIs are nicely done, and only having to target WebKit is quite a blessing.

Of course, I’m better known for my Python projects than JavaScript-related projects. In this case, we are using Paver to manage our builds and we also have Python code that processes the API documentation and generates the search index.

My colleagues and I had a great time putting this together. Thanks to SitePen and Adobe for sponsoring this project!

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