Dear Lazyweb: flipping screen image on Mac

It’s kind of a weird thing to want to do, but I’d like to be able to “flip” the screen image on one of my displays on my Mac, in real time. The Mac lets you rotate the image (in 90 degree increments), but there is no way to make it like an image seen in a mirror. Does anyone know of software that lets you do that?

New MacHeist: PixelMator, Snapz Pro X

MacHeist is back with a new MacHeist Bundle. For people not familiar with MacHeist (or similar), they take a bunch of indie Mac developer apps and put ’em together for cheap ($49). I’ve been eyeing 1password for its iPhone support, which will undoubtedly be better when the iPhone SDK comes out. AppZapper sounds useful. The others, I’m less sure about… until you get to the ones that need unlocking.

Snapz Pro X, which I don’t need because I already own and use it for screencasting, is a great tool. Pixelmator looks quite slick, and I’ll definitely buy the bundle if it gets unlocked.

Life without Quicksilver

With Tiger, I was a rabid Quicksilver fan. I tended to use it almost exclusively as an application launcher and to add todos to iGTD. Every now and then, I’d use it to delete a file or something, but it was almost always just launch or todo. I did also use it to look up contact information, which is something you can also do with Spotlight.

With Leopard, Spotlight works a lot better, and is very quick as a program launcher. Its calculator feature works nicely, and I’ve used that a couple of times. I’m trying out Mail’s new todos feature, and I’m not completely sold on that yet. Even if I stick with iGTD, though, iGTD has its own hotkey-to-add a todo feature. No need for Quicksilver just for that single feature.

Translucent menu bar aside, Leopard has been a nice upgrade overall.