4th anniversary MichiPUG meeting tomorrow!

I kicked off the Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) in September 2005, so this month’s meeting marks 4 years since the group began!

This month’s meeting is going to be one of our “topic free” meetings. Despite the lack of a topic, we never have trouble finding Python things to discuss. If you’re going to be around Ann Arbor Thursday evening and have a burning Python question, do stop in!

The meeting will be at 7pm at SRT Solutions in downtown Ann Arbor. Parking is free and easy next to City Hall a couple blocks north (on Ann St.).

This month, I am stepping aside as the de facto leader of the group. While I am still a Python fan and heavy user, my interests have branched out enough that I plan to devote my rather limited “user group time” elsewhere. Stay tuned for more on that soon. Mark Ramm will be taking over my duties as “the guy who sends the monthly ‘what’s our topic?’ email message”.

I’m almost certainly going to be arriving late to tomorrow’s meeting, but I do hope to catch up with folks for drinks afterwards at the very least! See you there!

MichiPUG July meeting tonight! Python in vfx, Impressive, 3.1

The next MichiPUG meeting will be on Thursday, July 2nd at 7PM. Ryan Burns will talk about the Impressive presentation software (which was used at Tuesday’s Ignite Ann Arbor) and Terry Howald will talk about Python’s use in scripting visual effects.We may also talk about the Python 3.1 release.

The meeting will be in downtown Ann Arbor at the SRT Solutions office.

MichiPUG: using Python to run reports in Hadoop clusters

Zattoo’s Marshall Weir will be talking at this week’s MichiPUG (Thursday evening at 7PM at SRT Solutions in downtown Ann Arbor). In his own words:

I’ve been working on a python module for running reports in Hadoop. Its sort of a wrapper around the pig data processing language and some smarts for running reports on a hadoop cluster and pushing and pulling data to it. It’s designed primarily to make it easier and more efficient to run complex sets of interdependent reports – I’ve been using it to do business reporting on our customer behavior at Zattoo.

This should be very interesting for folks like me who have never seen Hadoop in action!

MichiPUG meeting tomorrow, March 5th

The monthly Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) meeting is coming up tomorrow! This month, we’re going to do something a little different: sprinting on a project to help out a new coworking space that is being set up in downtown Ann Arbor (see below for the full description from Bob Kuehne).

As usual, the meeting starts at 7PM at SRT Solutions.

proposal for 03/02/09 – Michigan Python Users Group | Google Groups


* a guy named mike kessler is opening a co-working space on main
street, tween washington and huron, in the
old arcadian too space, right next door to (south) vinology. the
space is designed as a place where people
can pop in for a day, hang out, work with other people, get a
permanent desk, host trainings, etc. it’s
going to be pretty cool.

* as part of that, he needed some sort of door lock/authentication
system. i volunteered to put one
together, and it’s coming along fine, from the hardware and
software side. it’s basically a bag of
scripts (python, natch), and some csv files for manager users,
logging, whatever. oh, and a door latch
that gets controlled by the above.

* but from a ui perspective, i know better things could be done, and
this is where you come in.

pug topic/sprint:

* if people are up for it, i’d like to do three things:
* 30m : setup tasks, review / design schema
* 60m : split into groups and build an interactive site to do a few
* 30m : each group discuss results, demonstrate (10-15m@)

Creating a web framework with WSGI video

Creating a web framework with WSGI on Vimeo

The Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) meeting topic from February 2009, presented by Kevin Dangoor. This screencast video shows us using WSGI components to build up a web framework piece-by-piece.

By the way, for people who are interested in working on the Bespin server, this is the kind of “web framework” that the server is built upon.

Making custom web frameworks with WSGI

At the next Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) meeting, we’ll be talking about building custom web frameworks using WSGI bits and pieces. I’ve done this a couple of times now and think it’s a powerful and straightforward approach that works well for certain kinds of projects.

I’m figuring we’ll take a look at some available components and glue stuff together to build a framework during the session.

As usual, the meeting is the first Thursday of the month (February 5th, in this case) at 7pm at the SRT Solutions office in downtown Ann Arbor.

MichiPUG meeting on Thursday, 10/2

Our regularly scheduled MichiPUG meeting is coming on Thursday, October 2nd. The meeting will be at its usual time (7 PM) and at the usual place (SRT Solutions).

This month meeting topic is Python 2.6. A few months ago, we discussed Python 3.0 and all the new features that had to offer. It seems to make more sense to focus on Python 2.6, because it’s a release that we can likely use sometime soon. Coincidentally, Python 2.6 final is due out tomorrow.

So check out what’s new in Python 2.6 and come to the meeting with your choices of favorite new features.

MichiPUG September Meeting: Titus reveals secrets of the PSF and MSU

The September meeting of the Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) is coming up on Thursday, September 4. This meeting marks the third birthday of the group!

Titus Brown will be presenting to us on a Python Software Foundation-related project, as well as some of the things he has going on in his classes at Michigan State University. If you’re taking one of Titus’ classes, this might be a good way to get a head start 🙂

The meeting is at 7PM at the SRT Solutions office in downtown Ann Arbor (corner of Fifth and Washington).