MichiPUG this week: ZODB

The Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) monthly meeting is coming up this Thursday, July 3rd at 7PM. This month, I’ll be speaking about the Zope Object Database (ZODB). Unlike last month’s meeting, where I led us in a random experiment with Google App Engine, I actually have some experience with the ZODB.

I’ll be demonstrating use of the ZODB and will talk about concurrency, replication, packing, etc. If you’re not familiar with the ZODB (and you’re somewhere near Ann Arbor!), this is a useful topic to get to know, because the ZODB is great for a variety of situations.

Update (May 13, 2009): You can see my examples from this talk.

MichiPUG on Thursday: Google App Engine

We’ve settled on a topic for the coming Michigan Python Users Group meeting: Google App Engine. We do not have a speaker, so this will be a combination of discussion and exploration. I have written some App Engine code, and I’m guessing that others that will be attending have, too, so it’s not all trial-and-error.

Following our usual formal (first Thursday of the month), the meeting will be on June 5th at 7PM at SRT Solutions in downtown Ann Arbor. There are parking structures nearby (4th and Washington and Liberty Square are both close), and there is usually free street parking on Ann Street near the police station.

See you there!

MichiPUG meeting on Thursday, April 3

The Michigan Python Users Group (MichiPUG) monthly meeting is coming up on Thursday, April 3.

We’ve got two exciting topics for this month’s meeting. The first part is Mark Ramm leading some discussion on documentation tools (including Sphinx). I roped Mark into this because I haven’t yet run Sphinx, but it looks great. He’ll also talk about Idiopidae which Zed Shaw and Mark were hacking on at PyCon.

I’ll also lead some discussion and experimentation with EasyExtend, Kay Schluehr’s tool for monkeying with Python’s syntax.

Should be a fun time, and I hope to see you there!