Micropayments via ISPs in Europe

Jul 13, 2001 23:03 · 125 words · 1 minute read

Slashdot | Macropayments: ISPs pay Content Providers for Access: “They report that the swedish company (Tric AB) will “act as a third party between ISP’s and content-suppliers with the intent to let the content-suppliers get a share of the access-income. It will act as a clearinghouse where the income from the ISP’s is distributed to different content-suppliers in relation to size and traffic”.” This kind of move will make net access like cable access…

you subscribe to “basic” service to get access to the basic net, and then other packages. I could foresee a sports package that includes sites like ESPN.com. Luckily, this is a voluntary sort of system. If you want to make a free site (like this one!), no one will stop you.