Dave Winer’s concerns about inaccuracies on blogs

May 27, 2003 18:26 · 156 words · 1 minute read

Dave Winer wrote about the problems of weblogs that are riddled with inaccuracies. I had saved my copy of the Scripting News email because I wanted to respond to this, but I hadn’t yet had the chance. Now, I don’t need to, because [Andrew Oliver said it for me][2].

It’s guaranteed that people will post things to their blogs that are plainly wrong. But, just like in the open source world, you can’t require bloggers to check their facts. They’re not getting paid to blog! That said, the bloggers with more integrity will check (or correct) their facts, and will likely be more widely read. The volume and pace of blog output is phenomenal, and there are some automatic filtering mechanisms that happen via links. It’s quite a system, and what Dave is characterizing as a problem is actually part of the charm.

[2]: http://linuxintegrators.com/hl30/blog/general/?permalink=Starting a revolution that you don%27t understand.html “Hacking Log 3.0: America’s Blog”