About Blue Sky On Mars

May 30, 2003 15:49 · 280 words · 2 minute read


This site was originally called We Write Online (at http://www.wewriteonline.org/blog) when I created it in June, 2001. There is actually more of a story about what We Write Online was going to be, and I’ll write about that sometime. All it ever actually became was my blog.

For 2001, I was running Thatware and wrote a fair bit about technology and other stuff that interested me. In 2002, I switched to Drupal as my weblog program. The topics didn’t change much, but the amount of writing decreased dramatically, largely due to the very busy job I had. In 2003, I’ve switched blog programs again… this time to MovableType. I’ve also changed the name to Blue Sky On Mars.

So what is it?

It’s my weblog, and that’s it. Nothing more or less pretentious than that.

This blog is here as a place for me to gather my thoughts on things that may interest me, and provide me with an easily accessible memory that is sometimes more reliable than the one I’ve got between my ears. I’ve made it public, because I do like hearing other people’s comments and sharing these thoughts that I’ve written down. But, even if I’m the only reader, this site will continue to exist.

What’s with that name?

It’s a phrase from Total Recall, and I like it. It evokes an image of people flying to Mars, possibly hanging out with the Martians (who ideally look like the Sea Monkeys pictured on the packages), and having a good, old fashioned barbecue. I’m not sure what we’d be barbecuing, because it doesn’t seem like there’s much on Mars other than rocks, but that’s beside the point.