Larry Lessig interview in AlwaysOn

Jun 4, 2003 19:49 · 125 words · 1 minute read

AlwaysOn has a two part interview with Larry Lessig about the changes that are needed in our copyright law. It starts with Silicon Valley vs. Hollywood and moves on to Scrapping Copyright Law As We Know It. From the first part,

Yes, [teenagers have] grown up stealing music, and this is what really frustrates me. In 1998, people were saying we ought to have a compulsory license. If you had passed the Compulsory License Act then, we would have five to ten companies out there right now distributing music. They’d be collecting money; they’d be getting that money to artists.

It seems like this is obvious to many people who use the Net regularly, but for some reason the RIAA hasn’t gotten into it yet.