JDJ Looks At JavaServer Faces (JSF)

Jun 6, 2003 16:38 · 150 words · 1 minute read

Java Developer’s Journal has a new article about JavaServer Faces. In short:

In this article, we will survey the various Java Web development frameworks that are popular today and then take an in-depth look into the JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology.

The “survey of frameworks” didn’t say a whole lot and doesn’t draw comparisons between JSF and the open source frameworks. But the article was a good intro to JSF for the uninitiated, like myself.

When it comes to frameworks that we base applications on, I’m very wary if the source is not available. The source may be available for JSF as part of the Java Web Services Developer Pack, but I did notice that the license does not allow redistribution of the JSF package. So, don’t go trying to sell a JSF app!

It appears that you can (or will be able to) use Struts with JSF, if you like.