Eclipse 3.0 M1 is out

Jun 9, 2003 16:28 · 146 words · 1 minute read

As promised on the roadmap, Eclipse 3.0 Milestone 1 has been released. Though there is still a lot to come in Eclipse 3.0, Milestone 1 already offers a number of new features. Many things smooth over the interface, like “Smart Insert”:

The automatic insertion of closing braces in the Java editor has been improved. Rather than occurring as soon as the opening brace is inserted, it now happens when a new line is entered after opening brace.

Also, there are two new experimental typing actions: Smart Semicolon and Smart Opening Brace. Disabled by default, they can be turned on from the Java > Work in Progress preference page. These typing actions move the caret to the end of the line before inserting the semicolon or closing brace, respectively.

There doesn’t appear to be the same rush on this milestone as there was for the 2.1 release.