REBOL/Core is free now

Jun 19, 2003 18:28 · 135 words · 1 minute read

This isn’t completely new news, but it’s new to me. As of the REBOL/Core 2.5.5 Release from March 10, 2003:

This release also amends the end user license agreement to allow the free use of REBOL/Core for commercial and educational purposes. Separate licensing for such end uses is no longer required.

I always thought that REBOL looked like an interesting scripting language because of its simplicity in handling Internet tasks. But, I never thought it was so much more interesting than Perl or Python that I would want to actually license the core language for a project.

It seems like a good licensing move for REBOL, because it will bring more people in to the language. The more users they have for REBOL/Core, the more likely it is that people will buy add on libraries.