Scoring lower against Java

Jun 19, 2003 21:18 · 200 words · 1 minute read

Hoover’s Online has reposted a rather unfortunate article called Scoring Higher with Java talking about how Java has not “turned into the ‘Windows killer’ that it was once supposed to be”. This is clearly not an article from a technology source:

Not only has the impact on Microsoft been minimal so far, Java now faces a growing threat from the open source Linux operating system. Even IBM, a strong supporter of Java in the early years, is now focusing on Linux and was noticeably absent at JavaOne this year.

Err, yeah. This might be true if Java were an operating system, but it’s not. Linux has had huge growth on the server side and, indeed, Java use has grown right along with it. If Linux ever starts catching on in desktop computing, it is entirely possible that we’ll see an increase in usage of Java-based desktop apps. The rise of Linux only helps cross-platform application environments like Java.

It’s a real shame the publisher, New Straits Times of Malaysia, didn’t get a geek to look at this article before posting it. Who knows how many businessfolk might read this and get the wrong impression of the value of Java-based apps.