FeedDemon comments

Jul 2, 2003 19:56 · 235 words · 2 minute read

I’ve been trying out the FeedDemon beta the past couple of days. I have just posted this to the FeedDemon newsgroup:

FeedDemon is a fabulously slick feed reader, particularly given its 1.0 beta status! To date, my feed reader of choice has been Amphetadesk with the outline templates. Here are some things that would make me open up the wallet to buy FeedDemon:

1) Show me what I’m most likely to read. This is why I’m using my current reader. The blogs that I read most are at the top, the newest items are bolded, the older items are folded from view. This view that I get currently is quite nice. My ideal would be something that mushes all of the feeds together sorting by “what I would most likely want to read” (which I would define as: on my most read blog, containing terms that I am most likely to read [think naive Bayes], and any other hints you can glean from my reading habits).

2) The newspaper view is a great start. I would love to see the newspaper view grow into what I describe in #1.

3) I’m sure this would be a really, really low priority for you… but I would love if Mozilla could optionally be embedded instead of IE, mainly for things like find-as-you-type.

FeedDemon already provides some great views of the feeds and great promise for future versions!