Courtney Love talks about Virgin Records

Jul 13, 2003 19:51 · 154 words · 1 minute read

Courtney Love famously had a falling out with her old record label and had plenty to say about economics of major labe contracts. Billboard interviewed her and asked her why she signed with Virgin instead of an indie:

I am not against majors. I am against two things — major-label accounting practices (which are addressed in my deal) and the rise of what I call “executive culture,” e.g.: where the executives are more important than the artists and where the ego of a president, no matter how nuts or crazy that president is, is more important than dozens and dozens of careers … Virgin has a culture where you don’t hear the names of the executives more often than the artists. This is really important to me.

Lots of interesting perspective in this article, including bits about how she thinks she should have spent more on lobbyists than paying lawyers to fight in court.