Is JavaBlogs getting your updates?

Jul 15, 2003 15:51 · 159 words · 1 minute read

I discovered last night that JavaBlogs was not reading my RSS file and had not since July 7th. It said that it was next scheduled to read it on July 8th, but clearly that didn’t happen! It seems like that’s around the time of the server upgrade… It looks like others have had this problem as well: [#BLOG-25] RSS feed not being read. If you’re getting fewer reads than normal, you may want to check this out.

Update: I just noticed that my blog has not updated since last night and that the “Last updated” and “Next update” time were the same. I just added an hour to the polling time, and now the “Next update” time is an hour in the future, so we’ll see if it retrieves the file in an hour. (Theoretically, it should have added the polling cycle to the “Next update” time after it read my RSS file when I updated the blog itself.)