Quite the power outage

Aug 16, 2003 17:37 · 321 words · 2 minute read

I’m in Ann Arbor, so we were hit by the massive power outage. We’ve got friends that are outside of the city that weren’t hit, because they get their power from smaller power companies. I was at work when the power went out. I left work in time to catch the 4:38PM bus, but Main Street was gridlocked. I got out of the bus around 4:45 and walked home (probably 5 miles). There was a grocery store open along the way, so I got a couple of bottles of cold water. Between the water and my umbrella blocking the sun, I did quite fine with the walk, and I’m sure I got home faster than the bus would have gotten me home.

Our power was out for 24 hours. The worst part of it was the heat. Without air conditioning or even fans, Thursday night was fairly miserable. Most important, though, was that Crysania was fine and didn’t get overheated.

During the night, phone service and cell phone service both died. That wasn’t so bad though, because we had running water throughout, and we’ve got a gas camping stove that we used to heat food and boil water.

The restoration of power was pretty impressive. 24 hours and millions of people were back online. I went to the grocery store this morning, and it looked like they had to throw out a lot of food, which is a real shame.

CNN has a ridiculous video in which a guy is talking about Iraqis’ lack of sympathy for Americans hit by the blackout. Why do they even ask questions like that? Of course the Iraqis won’t care about that. In fact, in much of the developing world, power outages are a regular occurrence.

For the biggest blackout in US history, which Bush did could have (but did not) called “a matter of grave national inconvenience”, people seemed to handle things pretty well.