Clever satire of iTunes

Aug 27, 2003 19:56 · 141 words · 1 minute read

iTunes iSbogus is a nicely done satire of iTunes that blasts people for supporting the existing music industry. I’ve been generally against the music industry and many of its practices, but the fact of the matter is that artists voluntarily sign contracts with these records labels. And, no one has stepped forward with a viable business model that pays for the recording of the music and promotion that follows the release… there is a lot more that goes into it than just the artist’s original output. Places like EMusic offer a new model for artists.

Musicians have choices (and we better make sure that the legislature doesn’t remove those choices!)… if they want to be a “big name multiplatinum radio and MTV star”, the only way to do it today is via the major labels. Unless they’re really good at self-promotion.