Swing GUI frameworks part deux

Sep 11, 2003 15:47 · 173 words · 1 minute read

Yesterday, I was looking at Swing GUI frameworks. I got two comments, one from Klaasjan Tukker regarding the UIC project, and the other from the ever-diligent Gerald Bauer about XUL-based solutions. There are a wide variety of things that fall into the category of “framework”. Both of the commenters presented GUI widget assembly solutions. I’m looking for something different than that.

Using Eclipse, I actually don’t find it that difficult to hand assemble my widgets into panels, particularly using something like JGoodies Forms. Eclipse saves on the typing, and makes it so that I don’t really need to remember what things are called.

What I’m looking for in a framework is something like Werx or ObjectScript’s Chimera framework. These provide interesting ways to bind the GUI with the system’s backend. If the framework also provided a collection of commonly used UI goodies (like multi-window management) that would be a bonus.

Update: Somnifugi is a single-JVM implementation of JMS, which the author has had good success using in a similar fashion to Werx’s ReflectionBus.